Application Essay For A Research Scientist Position

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After high school, I left my home country of Vietnam to pursue my academic dream, making use of the entire savings of my parents for the life-changing trip to America. As a first-generation college student, I was fortunate enough to receive such great support and encouragement from a loving family that instilled within me a work ethic and determination to succeed. But only after my arrival in America, did I understand how to persevere to surmount the adversities in life.
Born and raised in the war-destroyed South Vietnam, never before had I been exposed to such a place so dominating and grandiose like Dallas. In the midst of new language, new school, new friends and new culture, I found myself coping with the countless challenges of an independent life. A year after my arrival, my parents’ financial struggles forced me to start supporting myself. With help from a friend, I found a job as an assistant at a Vietnamese medical clinic in Dallas. Making too little money to pay for school, I then started another job selling musical instruments during the weekends. Despite the below-minimum-wage salary and having to work forty hours a week, I was able to utilize the rest of my time to study while saving every dollar for my expensive out-of-state tuition. After five years faced with challenges, I have developed myself academically and professionally, harnessing my determination to achieve my goal.
Like many undergraduates, I transferred to the University of North Texas undecided about my career. My previous work experience in health care led me to major in Biology. Fortunately, it did not take long until I found my niche. My love of biological sciences especially expressed itself when I studied physiology, including both the knowns and the unknowns of the human body. I also found it gratifying to help other students in physiology and organic chemistry. Now, as a volunteer tutor, whether explaining an action potential or...

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