Personal Statement To Obtain An Undergraduate In Engineering

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Scientific methodology, analysis and reasoning has had a significant impact in shaping my approach and developing a different learning aptitude towards academics; this soon flourished into a more specific interest in science. I got interested in electronics during my high school years itself when I was introduced to the topic of Circuit Theory in Physics. Hence to pursue undergraduate studies in a reputed college of engineering of India with electronics as my major became an obvious choice for me. Determined to go after the same, I prepared myself for the fierce competition. Two years of focused preparation fetched me a position in the top 0.3% among 1 million potential candidates in the national level engineering entrance examination- All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE), 2010 and a place in the desired branch of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) at one of the premier institutes of technology of India, National Institute of Technology (NIT), Trichy.
The area of Integrated Circuits and Systems fascinated me when I came across it the first time in my sophomore year of undergraduate academic curriculum. The theoretical courses and the lab work relevant to this area which I have undergone during these three years enhanced my interest and played a substantial role in moulding my skills. The never ceasing desire to know more beyond what the book tells me, and indulge in work apart from my prescribed regular course work motivated me take up various research internships and projects, workshops and technical competitions on the non-academic front. My first project, in my sophomore year at NIT Trichy, was a basic MATLAB/Simulink Design of Dynamic and Steady state analysis of Self Excited Induction Generator. This project got me acquainted to the major softwares used in the Electrical/Electronics Industry and the significance of them, as I was involved in implementing complex simulations. Thus it laid the foundation for me to foray easily to other projects, and hence I decided to take up research work which required developing a hardware prototype of a circuit. I got this opportunity at the Summer School at IIT Gandhinagar (IIT-Gn), where I practically came up with a hardware prototype for the SCR firing circuit and implemented the single phase and three phase controlled and uncontrolled rectifiers. During this time at IIT-Gn, the area of electronic circuit design and analysis fascinated me as the simulations and practical implementation of the circuits went side by side. This experience at IIT-Gn also made me realize that practical implementation is always more challenging and a better learning experience than theoretical knowledge. This Summer School experience kindled an urge to do research in the area of circuit design and so I decided to take up another project in the same field at my home institution during my regular academic curriculum, where I developed an Analog circuit for calculating the air gap torque of a three phase...

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