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Personal Statement: A Career In Business

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Probably, most people start their personal statement with “ever since I was little…”, but that’s not the case for me. My story is a little different; I always wanted to be an architect or an engineer, studying anything business-related simply never even crossed my mind, until recently, when a great-uncle of mine recommended I read The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham. After reading it, I was fascinated. I dove deeper into business and finance, and found it amazing. The relationship between nature, mathematics and business astonishes me. Things like how Fibonacci described a way to identify reversals, centuries before stocks were invented, mystifies me.

Since then, I’ve read many other books, subscribed to podcasts, joined student groups, started a small business and even started studying a finance major at my local university. Even considering the lack of free time that I’ve had ...view middle of the document...

Studying math or management is essential to me for several reasons. Firstly, and most importantly, because I enjoy it and I want to do something that I find fascinating. Secondly, studying these subjects will help me obtain the necessary skills that I need in order to succeed and stand out in the industry that I would like to work in.

Of all the cities that I took into consideration before choosing a university, London is by far my favourite choice. Some people have argued with me that New York or Paris are better options, but I disagree. The diversity found in London, from Brick Lane to the City, make me excited for the future and the experiences I would get to live. I think of myself as a very multicultural person; I’ve lived in the United States as well as in Mexico, I speak four languages and I can play two instruments, but studying in London would expose me to more cultures than ever before, an experience that I would enjoy and remember for the rest of my life.

Throughout my last years of high-school, I really tried to challenge myself to become a person that would excel in my community, socially and professionally. I did this by applying my passions and abilities to activities where they would make a difference, for example, I taught math to children in under-privileged schools and directed the PR department for my school’s social action committee. Of course, I won’t write I’m just interested in helping others, around a year ago, a friend and I started a small advertising business that focused on publicity for undergraduates, which I recently sold to my partner. During the time I ran my business, I was lucky enough to meet, and be coached by, some of the most influential businessmen in my city, which helped considerably to make my business thrive. Thanks to the experiences I’ve lived, along with the enormous help and support I’ve received from the people I’ve met, I can honestly say that I have become a person who is proud of who I am and, with the opportunities and abilities that I hope to learn in London, will become a person who will succeed and stand out in the industry that I have come to enjoy so much.

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