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Personal Statement: A Career In Finance And Economics

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I always remember the moment that I was excited. The moment was that I awarded the 1st place and got the gold medal in the mathematics competition when I was a little girl in the 3rd grade. Since that time, I hadbegun to be attracted to the mathematics. I could not imagine my future without mathematics. It directed me to become a financial officer.
My interest in financial management developed as a student at the Institute of Finance and Economics, where accounting was my major. My teacher of the financial management, in her lectures,noted the importance of the development of the stock market in Mongolia, a necessary factor for increasing national production.
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Badraasadly assassinated on working for justice. Our foundation is aiming to continue the wills of Badraa, to revere human rights, freedom and to contribute to set justice in the society.Additionally, we work for the purpose of making the academic environment better, helping students to educate and improve themselves.
Members of our foundation raise a fund by introducing our activities and a goal to the companies. The fund is spent for financing a scholarship for students who are magnificently intelligent and knowledgeable but not able to pay their tuition due to financial problems. In fact, I was one of them. My father was a mathematics teacher and my mother was a housewife. I have a younger brother and sister and five of us ought to live ona salary of our father. But teacher’s salary was low in Mongolia, approximately 250 dollars a month. I was working in the several companies using the time outside my classes. When I was a sophomore, it was common that I had not been sleeping for three days. I was working part time at a call center during the night and going to my class during the day. Even though there were difficult times in my university life, I appreciate it. I might not become a tolerant and ambitious person without them. I felt the taste of success.
According to the book which I have read, named “The world is Flat” by Thomas L. Friedman, the world becomes more globalized. To become the best financial officer, I need to compete with people who graduated from the world’s top universities. Of course, it would be challenging, but I could develop myself by competing and collaborating with them.
I have opted to study in the US because universities in the US offer high quality education in finance and the degree from the US is acknowledged globally. Also intelligent and competitive students help to create a wonderful learning environment. Studying in the US and comparing it to the experience which I obtained in Mongolia would be a valuable opportunity. I hope to combine the best of both worlds into my education. I contrive to learn essential skills that would make me a talented financial officer.


Study Objective
I am hoping to complete a Master of finance degree program in the US. It would be crucial for my future career and fulfilling my goal.The aim of my studies is to learn more about investor’s access to financial information, standards for issuing Initial public offering and experiences in creating and ensuring the functioning of corporate governance. I hope to learn more about the mechanisms of the stock market in the US to better understand how it works and suggest how to enhancethe relevant stock market in Mongolia.
I have already started my career in finance. At present I work as a...

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