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Personal Statement And Essay Application For A University Partnership Program

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My undemanding of the duties and responsibilities of a public child welfare worker is to ensure the safety of the child. The worker would would first want to get as much informant as possible during intake. This will give the worker the opportunity to assess the safety of the child or children. If a worker finds that it is safe for a child to be where they are, they would just do follow up visits and report back to the agency letting them know the children are still safe. If the worker was to find that the children were not safe, they would do an investigation and intervene, when need be, to make sure they get the children out of that harmful situation. In the process the worker is making ...view middle of the document...

I would like to work on a microlevel when it comes to the area of public child welfare I work with. I say this because I want to start as a caseworker and continue trying new things as my careers goes on. Eventually I want to work on the mezzo level, administrative, side of the child welfare system. I then want to work on the law side of things, known as the macrolevel of social welfare. This would be me helping determine the new laws and making sure the policies, and laws are working efficiently.
My college experience has been great, however, very strenuous. I have worked nights in order to pay for my tuition, books, and pay back loans. I have done everything I could in the best of my abilities. Working nights has hindered my ability to get involved in certain things that would have helped me grow as a professional. Things such as conferences, meetings, and even different organizations. Although I stayed very active in college, I am now looking for an experience that will build upon my professional skills. The University Partnership Program is something that I believe will do that. Not only will this program make me a better person professionally, however, it will prepare me for the field of social work that I am really interested in, social welfare.
The experience and personal strengths that I bring to the child welfare profession is discipline, integrity, and perseverance. With the military training that I have been through, I have gained the discipline to work in this field. I know that I will be a reliable worker, one who will work until he knows gets the job done, I say integrity because I know I will do the right thing, even when there is none else around. This is not something that I got from the military, however, is something that is apart of my personal ethics and morals. Lastly I stated that perseverance is something that I bring to the field. This is because I truly have overcome a lot. I have been in foster care myself, however, I did not let that keep me down. I can honesty say I would have empathy in this field and would truly understand what it feels like to meet the client where they are at.
I am very comfortable when working in a diverse setting of people. I come from a primarily African-American community, however, I attend a diverse church, have a diverse group of friends, and have made sure to keep diversity in my life. Working with diversity is something I am great with. I understand diversity because its something I have always been around.
I do not think there is any personal or family issues that could gender my ability in this program. Of course, life happens, however, I would not let that affect my participation in the program. I have actually done my best in school and work when...

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