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Personal Statement Example Paper Newcastle University Personal Statement

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Being born and raised in a hardworking family business environment, since I was a little girl, I always knew I wanted to study a course that would not only benefit me, but as many people around me as possible; and which better course than Business Management for this particular goal in life? Finding what people need, want, and providing it is a true passion of mine. I would love to be able to further my studies in the field and deepen my knowledge and skills to achieve the ability to provide what society wants. I am highly looking forward to studying in your university to have the opportunity to gain a high-quality education in an international prestigious and renowned institution. Your institution has a unique and extremely striking programme offering not only intellectual but also research resources that would definitely contribute to my studies, personal skills, and conclusively, to my career. Studying in an English-speaking country in which constant attention to seminars, lectures and communication is needed, will definitely be a key factor to the improvement of the language, and apart from gaining professional career knowledge, it is extremely important to have a fluent second language, and even more if it is English.
During high-school I participated in many National and International debates such as Harvard’s “HACIA Democracy” in Costa Rica and Panama and The National Hispanic Institute’s “Great Debate” in Villanova University, Pennsylvania USA and “Lorenzo de Savala Youth Legislative Session” which are two organisations that create experiences that engage achieving high school age youth in community leadership roles that improve our quality of life. This productive activity has transformed my way of analysing, seeing, and speaking about the various events that occur daily worldwide. It has provided me with indispensable tools, among them, being able to analyse a situation critically and to cover a problem of any kind and...

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