Personal Statement On Pursuing Bachelor Of Science Nursing Degree

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Personal Statement on Pursuing Bachelors of Science Nursing Degree

Ohio University School of Nursing

Personal Statement on Pursuing Bachelors of Science Nursing Degree

At the tender age of 4 years old, I always dreamed of becoming a nurse. What attracted me to the nursing profession was a desire to be a caregiver. Being a nurse for 7 years has been rewarding and very challenging at times. I was not aware how to be a nurse until I became the patient. During my stay in the hospital, my personal experience being a patient taught me how important it was to continue my nursing education. It is important for me to be an advocate, competent, and trustworthy individual to patients and families.
Working in different areas of healthcare helped me to build a foundation and transition into the nursing field. While attending nursing school, I was employed as a Medical Assistant, Phlebotomist, and Nursing Assistant until graduating from nursing school. In 2007, I thought my days of attending school to become a Licensed Practical Nurse was completed. I thought that when I completed nursing school, I learned all that was required of me to be a proficient and competent nurse. During a staff meeting in 2008, management informed the Licensed Practical Nurses that due to accreditation standards of the hospital their positions would be eliminated by the year 2012 and Registered Nurses would be required to obtain their BSN. Reflecting back at my career path as a Registered Nurse, I am proud and looking forward to new growth opportunities in the nursing field. The opportunities in nursing are endless. Obtaining a BSN places me in a position to be more marketable and branch off into other areas of nursing such as, research, teaching, critical care areas, and management. Developing my nursing skills to a higher level of care for my patients is very important to me, this is why I decided to pursue my BSN. My goals are to complete my BSN program by 2015, and return to Ohio University for my Masters Degree in Nursing by 2017, mentor new nurses, and practice community health nursing in...

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