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Personal Statement: Purpose Behind Each Rule

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Rules"Amod Dome!" My legs clamp together as my hands quickly find each other behind my back. "Amod Noach!" My left leg takes a single step outward, while my hands, with clenched fists, follow gravity to rest by my sides. As I stand among a sea of painfully similar, khaki green uniforms and follow the commands given by my mefaaked, or commander, I cannot help but feel an overwhelming sense of unity. I am one of many. All heads slowly follow the same path upward; eyes fixated on the overpowering Israeli flag being raised, commencing the official start of our week-long basic training program.I feel prepared knowing that the next seven days will test my physical and mental strength, yet I cannot possibly comprehend the extent to which the structure of the army will prohibit my freedom. I will soon learn that there are countless rules associated with every aspect of a soldier's daily life, put in place to create a degree of organization needed for success.After the commencing ceremony, I, along with the other members in my unit, march in two perfectly constructed lines down a graveled path, leading to rows of barracks. I struggle to stay in formation with the weight of my bags pulling my body closer and closer to the ground. Finally reaching my unit's barrack, I enter my home for the next week, slightly hesitant about the rusty, metal bunk beds and the coarse blankets draped over the lumpy mattresses. Despite my apprehension, I am relieved to rest my body in preparation for the next day's activities, but my optimism is soon crushed as my mefaaked begins explaining exactly how a soldier must fold a blanket, "All seams must be pointing inward and creases need to be perfectly straight." She goes on to explain that sheets must be tucked in, bags belong under one designated bed, and floors must be squeegeed constantly. In order to keep track of each barracks condition, there will be certain times throughout each day when the rooms will be checked for cleanliness and organization. At the conclusion on my mefaaked's speech, I cannot help but wonder, "What is the reasoning behind all of these rules? Does it truly make a difference whether I fold by blanket towards the inside or the outside?"The level of organization that must be met for the rooms is merely the beginning. After my first night of restless sleep, I am alarmingly awakened by the 5:00 AM wake up call, which is piercingly shouted over the loud speakers. I panic knowing that I have only twenty minutes to change into my uniform, go to the bathroom, gather up all my belongings, fold by blankets, tuck in my sheets, help squeegee the floor, and finally get into formation directly outside the barrack. With mutual assistance, my unit manages to accomplish each task and line up in a chet, or U-shape, with twenty-five seconds remaining. Making last minute corrections to my appearance, I quickly tuck in my shirt, attach my canteen to my belt, and fold up my jacket. With five seconds left, I step into my...

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