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Personal Statement :Seeking A Master Of Science Degree

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I seek to pursue the Master of Science degree in Computer Science from the College of Computer and Information Science at Northeastern University. Obsessed with computers from a very young age, my experiments with programming in Basic and C translated into very good results in various school-level informatics and cyber Olympiads including once being ranked within the top 100 in all of India and scoring 97% in Computer Science in my final Senior Secondary School Examination. My next objective was to secure admission into one of the top colleges in India for Computer Science. And by doing exceptionally well in the All India Engineering Entrance Examination(AIEEE), from among the 800,000 ...view middle of the document...

In the summer after my sophomore year at college, I was selected from among hundreds of applicants to intern at the Electronics and Radar Development Establishment(LRDE), a government research lab. While the research lab usually takes only graduate students as interns, I was lucky to be among the few undergraduate students who got the opportunity. I worked with Mr. Jithesh V., Scientist ‘D’, on mechanisms that allowed electronic devices to be controlled remotely via a computer network. This was the first time I was involved in real research, and during the experience I learnt about the frustrations and joys of research. Also, interacting with graduate students gave me a better perspective on what research was all about. This experience was what helped me decide that I would like my future to be in the field of research.
In addition to the academics, I was also actively involved in the Literary, Stage and Debating(LS&D) society in college. The creative side I use for writing plays, articles etc. also help me attack problems in computer science using out-of-the-box approaches. Also, as a member of soccer teams through high school and college, I have a deep sense of teamwork instilled in me that helps me work well with others in academic teams as well. I believe these personal traits of mine among others will be a positive addition to the learning environment at NEU.
After graduation, keeping in mind my research aspirations I decided to join Alcatel-Lucent...

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