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Personal Understanding Of Hydrogen Fuel Cells Being The Future To Generating Electricity

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Every element is valuable and unique due to the endless arrangements of sub-atomic particles, which fascinates me. This allows for a diversity of elemental properties, sparking innovation for chemists to develop new products from different tasting chocolates to materials used for rockets- shaping society and the environment of the modern world. The sheer range of applications where chemistry is involved inspires me to contribute, while learning, unlocking why everything behaves the way it does.
With the hydrogen fusion project in construction and the recent use of hydraulic fracturing which has caused environmental and social dispute, I chose to undertake the extended project qualification related to this, energy, as chemistry leads these efforts. In my EPQ, I discuss whether hydrogen fuel cells are the future to generating electricity. The project has improved my primary and secondary research skills, beneficial for independent reports, and enhanced my chemistry vocabulary- new definitions such as Fenton’s reagents and super acids. Furthermore, for my A2 physics coursework, I look at the potential of antimatter being used as energy- though more sensational it’s exciting and extends the scope of energy which continuously intrigues me.
Organic chemistry makes me most enthusiastic, particularly optical isomers. What I find interesting? These molecules can appear to behave in a certain way however behave oppositely, biologically, which highlights where chemistry is an importance and an influence to other sciences. It amalgamates physical sciences, hence why I took physics and biology at AS level to delve into topics where Chemistry is involved. Understanding the structure of these molecules, mechanisms upon reaction and tests to prove what molecules are present at the end are like layers to a blueprint, adding more information to predicting outcomes.
I approach laboratory work with curiosity to learn, confidence to reason and a dextrous attitude for careful use of apparatus. Whether it is doing practical or theory, being proficient in mathematics has greatly helped with the conversion of units and other numerical methods to present data such as rate of reactions. Having read Phillip Balls ‘the elements’, Bill...

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