Personal Student Letter Regarding Academic Performance

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This fall semester I was taking Genetics, Thermodynamics, Moral Ethics, Introduction to Public Health, and Psychology of Race, Class, and Gender. Due to illness, my second semester put me in academic probation and after talking to Dean Rome I was recommended to drop Genetics and concentrate on my other four classes. I performed very well in all my classes but Thermodynamics, which I had trouble with. I believed I would receive at least a C but unfortunately received an NC. I took CHEM 330 with Professor Stratt, which I later discovered has very difficult exams, and to make matters more difficult, my class, was majorly freshmen that had taken AP Chemistry and scored the highest scores on ...view middle of the document...

The festival was tiring enough but I had also been experiencing continuous nausea, abdominal pain, dizziness, and tiredness for about two weeks at the time, which made studying rigorously impossible. I was still able to get decent scores on my midterms but they were not at the level they should be. I went to health services for my symptoms but they told me to just rest and take fluids. As the semester continued the fatigue escalated to the point where getting out of bed was a mission. I could not attend class and when I tried to study I ended up falling asleep, which hurt my academic performance greatly. My performance at work also suffered, I started working since my first semester at Brown and was an excellent worker, but in a short time I got warnings, and had to quit because I just did not have the energy to handle the workload. The classes that I still regularly attended where Mande and Chem lab; Mande because my friends who were in the class would go to my room, wait until I dressed, and walk me over, and Chem Lab because attendance was required, I wanted to do well, and I enjoyed the hands-on work. I usually extremely fatigued, and when I felt well, I tried to catch up to my classes or study. I started feeling slightly better towards the end of the semester and realized that I needed to do something to improve my situation but did not know what to do. I have had to figure everything related to academics and college myself over the years, so I tried to do the same in this case, but failed.

During the summer, when I returned home I was still extremely fatigued and after visiting my primary and getting tests done they found that I had anemia and moderate hypothyroidism, which she believed caused the chronic fatigue. I was put on medication...

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