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Pursuing a degree in business has been a lifelong dream. Understanding the concepts, formulas, and processes necessary to be effective and accurate weather it was a personal business or a corporation that offered employment is a goal that has been on the “to do” list for many years. When the opportunity to take this class presented itself, thinking twice about it was not an option. However, prior to taking this class the assumption was made that it was going to be just another math class that was a speed bump on the way to the ultimate goal of achieving the MBA. Six weeks later it has been proven over and over again that the prior assumption was completely wrong.
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I was also asked to convert the amount of increase or decrease between two numbers of corresponding years. In addition to the before mentioned questions, other questions consisted of interpreting charts and graphs as well as calculating discounts and understanding markups and markdowns. As mentioned before, almost all of these subjects were covered within the first three weeks of the class. I joked with some friends at the beginning of the class that the information that was being taught would never be used again and amazingly enough it was the exact information that assisted me in landing the perfect position.
With all of the questions that were asked, one of the main and most important concerns was whether that information could be transcribed to charts and graphs and presented to upper management and shareholders. The most important piece of this is that the information must be accurate and easily understood by those that are in the audience. The analytic scheme requires isolating four types of constituents in a display, and specifying their structure and interrelations at a syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic level of analysis. Kosslyn, S. M. (1989). With the background, experience, and knowledge that has been developed over the past thirty years, this position fit perfectly into the skillset that has been developed....

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