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Practice what you preach, that is what Justin Plesnik said to me while we were talking. For my job shadow I decided to shadow Justin Plesnik, Justin works for Body by Design in Brookfield, Wisconsin and also runs his own business known as Aqua Endurance. His official title there is Personal Trainer& Boot camp Trainer and is the head personal trainer at Body by Design. What intrigues me about becoming a personal trainer would be just getting to meet new people. The challenges of helping others eat right and being in a better shape seems like a good challenge. The freedom to choose my own clients and hours is also another plus.
Justin is 25 years old and currently goes to school at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee majoring in kinesiology and minor in psychology. While talking to Justin he told me he got interested in working out at the age of 14, when he was going through a hard time in his life at a young age. Justin’s dad, who also use to be a personal trainer got Justin interested in “working out as a outlet for his emotions”, He said. Soon he started to enjoy working out and made a habit of it everyday.
Justin started his career as personal trainer when his friends started noticing change in his body from working out; he started by training and working out with his friends. In 2010 without any certification Justin got his first personal trainer job at Bally’s fitness. Even though he did not have any certification or degree, he knew what he was doing. To become a personal trainer you need some certification while not all employers require a degree for personal trainers. “Many employers prefer to hire candidates with a minimum of an associate degree, or even a bachelor's degree in exercise science, kinesiology and physical education” (Dunham).
Experience besides a degree would be something like, knowing how to work out right and rotate workouts accordingly, what to eat if you want to gain weight, strength or muscle, what to eat if you want to slim down or burn fat. Knowing the right work out technique and the right postures is also a major thing to know. “A personal trainer must be CPR certified”(Dunham) and should have a back round in exercise and training. Clients look for a personal trainer who is in good shape and practices what they preach. Justin personally works out 5 times a week for about 3 hours.
Justin currently has 23 clients he works with; he does 70 sessions in a week about 10-15 sessions a day. He also teaches 5 boot camps a week, which basically is a group class for people trying to gain strength and lose weight. Justin told me that the competition in the fitness field is growing rapidly. “People are becoming more aware about eating right and working out that puts trainer more in demand then ever” (“What is the job market like” n.d.).
Personal trainer field is constantly changing as new techniques are coming out like Justin’s personal business Aqua Endurance, which basically is underwater work outs which help with strength,...

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