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Personal Training Program Essay

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Personal Training Program


Purpose and Aim - This is a training programme to help develop my
performance in rugby at the position of flanker. I will detail all
aspects of my training programme will be monitored by use a diary. I
will also be evaluating my train programme to see if an how I best
improve my chosen components . I will be performing this training
programme during my school summer holiday, in the months of July and
August 2004.

I have 3 components I aim to improve:

1) Stamina - Resistance to fatigue, illness and endurance to continue
even in the face of difficult and trying condition.

2) Strength - The ability to move an external force or to lift a heavy

3) Agility - The ability to change direction of movement at speed.

In school we did a test for each one of these components to test my
current level of performance these were my results:

1) Strength - For this test I did the hand grip dynometer test and my
result was 40.4.

2) Agility - For this test I did the illinos run and my result was

3) Stamina - For this test I did a bleep test and my result was level

1) I'm going to improve my strength by doing circuit training
involving these exercises sit ups, step ups, back drops, rest, squat
thrust, bench press, squats and a short run round the bench's I want
to improve my strength to increase the pushing power in my legs and
upper body strength for ripping the ball out in malls. I'll be doing
these exercises alone to put more concentration in my work out.

2) For stamina I'm going to start with doing a 2 mile running, 2 mile
biking and some swimming I want to increase my level of stamina so
that I can keep myself at top performance for the whole 80 minutes of
the rugby match. For most of my stamina exercise I will be doing them
with a partner my make the exercises more enjoyable to stop tedium and
to help with encouragement.

3) For agility I will do shuttle runs and some fartlek training I want
to improve this so I can improve my level of skill e.g. side stepping
and to avoid tackles.

What is Fartlek Training?

Fartlek is similar to interval training in that short fast runs
alternate with slow running or jogging recovery intervals. However, in
Fartlek the running is done on the road or on parkland. There is no
predetermined schedule to follow, but instead the athlete will set
her/his own interval lengths and pace in response to their own feeling
of the workload. An advantage of Fartlek is that the athlete can
concentrate on feeling the pace and their physical response to it,
thereby developing self awareness and pace judgement skills. Also the
athlete is free to experiment with pace and endurance, and to
experience changes of pace.

Safety Aspect - Before each exercise I'm going to do a...

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