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Nelson and Trevino (2004) state ethics are "a set of moral principles or values." There has been great discussion concerning the origins of ethical or value development, whether they are inherited by one's parents or learned by life experiences or a combination of both. As a nurse who performs direct patient care in an acute setting, I have witnessed the best and worst of ethical behaviors in both my clients and colleagues. I have had to acknowledge my own ethical value system, challenge it, and develop it throughout my life but never so much as I have since I began my nursing career. The following paper will discuss the background and ground rules of my personal values and identify the ...view middle of the document...

I will verbalize my opinion if asked or confronted on a personal level because I will not push my morals upon others. I will not expect them to automatically change their beliefs by a monologue. I believe everyone has their own path to follow and no one has the right to treat someone with disrespect for them.Sources that influenced my personal valuesThe most influential source that developed my personal values was my parents. My mother's value system is very similar to my own however; my father's is very rigid. My father is a very strict man and ruled with a tyrannical fist. He has never uttered a word of an apology for anything he has ever done and doubtful if he ever will. I know now as an adult that the strict upbringing that my sister and I received is called psychological and physical abuse. My father didn't drink alcohol or take drugs; he was violent and tended to have a temper. His violent outbursts were the same intensity whether I didn't do the dishes correctly or if I didn't come home until 4 a.m. There was no gray in the scale in his ethics or his temper. There is a myriad of dysfunction in my childhood but I have harnessed negativity and modeled my own ethic system by knowing how not to behave.The second most predominant source that assisted in developing my personal value system has been the medical treatment I received while I was pregnant with my first son at age 19. I was a single pregnant teenage that received Medicaid to obtain medical treatment. My son passed away due to the doctor who cared for me did not deem it cost effective to treat my unborn son and I for a known infection while in labor. The nurses, who took care of me during those last 5 months of my pregnancy and fought beside me in the suit against this doctor, epitomized the meaning of being a true nurse of the heart. They made me realize that my son and I are important and that what happened to us was wrong. We deserved better treatment and that we did not receive it due to being poor and on state assistance programs. We lobbied in Raleigh, NC to change the standard of practice for treating Medicaid recipients in the state of North Carolina and were successful in our goals. Due to these experiences, I decided to go into nursing and fight the good fight every day. I finally found my purpose in life.Criteria and decision-making factors utilizedThe decision-making factors of finding one's way through the gauntlet between characteristics of personal and organizational ethics are the three steps of moral awareness, moral judgment, and ethical behavior (Nelson and Trevino, 2004). One must know his or her own values in order to not only maintain his or her identity but discern the conflict effectively. Only when these two steps are accomplished, can a person make a decision concerning the correct ethical behavior in any given circumstance (Nelson and Trevino, 2004).Decision-making factors in ethical dilemmas that I use are tested by my personal life however; my...

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Personal Values Development Essay

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