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As the author participated in the simulations, the thought came to mind: how do these simulations apply to medicine and what the clinicians do? The realization came when I read: Americans rely on the healthcare system for the maintenance and improvement of personal health, which often involves care in the hospital setting (Insitute of Medicine, 2000). Patients believe that the American healthcare system provides the highest quality and safest care in the world (Insitute of Medicine, 2000). It is estimated that four out of every one hundred hospitalized patients in the United States suffers a serious adverse event, such as an infection, medication error, or injury related to improper use of equipment or treatment (Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, 2001). Daily, nurses monitor and manage the quality of health care delivered in many settings. As a nurse, one must understand personal values and how to apply them to their professional work (ANA, 2003).The first simulation, placed the reader in a situation that challenged her to think about the affect culture has on the ethics and values of a person. According to Ruggiero (1997), ethics is the study of right and wrong in a person's conduct. Broken down further, it is the discipline involving the collection and analysis of data on what different cultures believe, without consideration for the appropriateness of those beliefs (Ruggiero, 1997). Behaviors that were once thought unacceptable: lying, cheating, misrepresenting, and covering up mistakes have become in many people's eyes acceptable or necessary practices. This may be the influence of cultures that believe these actions are good business practice.The second simulation made the reader analyze her marketing decision based on public response and the product developer's values. One of the characteristics seen in many nurses is altruism. Participating in this simulation didn't place the participant in an ethical compromise. The personal belief to make decisions based on the common good has been ingrained through personal upbringing and professional experiences. On many occasions the participant has faced a concern that required considering others in the challenge. Each time the choice was made to protect the common good of the most people.The third simulation challenged the reader to make difficult choices regarding confidentiality. Confidentiality is another area of ethical decision making that is second nature for the participant because of professional regulations and requirements for licensure. Besides, the personal belief that information regarding a person's livelihood, education, financial status, and health belong to the individual to disclose as desired. This is true even, when the family member or friend really should know. When accepting a position of senior manager, one becomes loyal to privileged information regarding business affairs of the organization, just as nurses have access to...

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