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Personal Worldview And Course Essay

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Not to sound like a mother’s boy, I will courageously say that my mother had the most influence on my life and the way I see the world, or have at least come to know it. My mother was a fighter in every sense of the word, even during her illness that took her life back in 1989. Even though I only had her for 19 years of my own life, she was a true blessing; I blame her for the goodness that has been instilled in me.
Author James Sire is indeed correct in stating “worldviews are a matter of the heart” (Sire, 2009, p. 20) that is the way my mother lived her life, from the heart. My mother taught me about the nature of God (Sire, 2009, p. 27) and that he is good (Sire, 2009, p. 30) all the ...view middle of the document...

I remember that day well, like many others; I stood and watched the World Trade Center collapse with great horror. But the incidents of 9/11 really hit home when our dispatch alerted us that one of the hi-jacked planes was to fly through the airspace in which we lived, we were told that we should be ready for anything. Only a short time later did we learn that this particular airplane, Flight 93, crashed 30 miles away in a deserted field in Stoystown, PA.
The takeaways from 9/11 that I could apply to my worldview are that indeed our world centers on God. Even for a brief period in time, the world stopped and turned to God to make some sense and restore order to the chaos that occurred in New York City, Washington DC, and Stoystown, Pennsylvania. My view that people are inherently good was made apparent on national television with scenes of ordinary people, beside those in public safety, doing heroic things so that others could live. The ultimate display of inherent goodness was Flight 93 when the passengers overtook the hi-jackers and sacrificed their own lives to save many others by crashing the plane nose first, into the ground. Lastly, was the faith people displayed that some good could come of this senseless tragedy ( through the remembrance of others who so bravely gave all.
Surely, God was a very popular person in the days...

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