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Personal Worldview From A Theological Perspective

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Ultimate Reality: I believe the ultimate reality is God eternally exists. God the holy creator spoke all things into being. He lives in relationship in the godhead and with man. The traits of the universe and man are reflected in God's Nature. The Law and Will that man is bound by reflects who God is.
The Nature of Reality: The true nature of reality is all that is seen and unseen is real. Those unseen realities include the spiritual, time, morality, and knowledge. Obviously I know the physical is real too, it just happens the spiritual is real as well. This is an ordered universe, but due to sin the universe is in decay.
What it Means to be Human: I have also discussed some what it ...view middle of the document...

I do not know what our resurrection body will be like. But it will be more even real than our earthly body. Most importantly we get spend eternity with Christ and our fellow Christians worshiping in the perfect joy of Heaven
Knowledge: I know True knowledge is a reflection of God's mind. Even the non-Christian has knowledge. Even a relationship, including one with God, is a form of knowledge.
Man is created to have knowledge of both tangibles and intangibles, we can know through empiricism, reason, and common sense. We observe the world around us to learn, although this perception is not infallible. We can think things through in the mind. Some knowledge is just part of our knowledge base, such as the moral law within us. I believe general revelation is common sense.
Morality: Some men do not want to accept it, but there is a natural moral law we are bound to. The law applies to all people. This should be obvious, the law is not binding on animals. But God also gives a prescriptive law that further defines morality and adds to it the nuances of what God wants us to do. Morality deals with every aspect of life, even how we treat animals.
The law is so high above sinful man's ability to obey it. That is why there is grace in Christ. We must still try to show godly morals to at least show our repentance.
Moral rules are always equally important. We must always stay true to the Faith, seek life and protect those who need our protection. Sometimes that means we have to break a law of man at times. However we do not choose pragmatically which rules we want to obey . We try our hardest to obey all His rules, and only when two rules collide can we choose.
The Meaning of Human History: I believe history's meaning ultimately is the story of God and His interaction with men. This history includes our creation, the fall, the enacting of His plan, the redemptive act, the judgment of man, and restoration of saved.
History is linear, not cyclical. Even though humans often have to be taught the same lesson over and over again, history is not some infinite loop. History is meant to be something we learn from. But importantly we use history to bring glory to God.
Educational Preparedness
Intellectually: While I was at school I learned the basics of hermeneutics. I have also learned the basics of Koaine Greek and how to find the meaning of the original words. I those areas of study enabled me to think more systematically about doctrine and theology. When I was a child I did not mean to treat theology haphazardly, I just thought knowing Bible facts was the same as knowing theology.
On top of learning how to think theologically this training also helps me think logically. I now know to think with worldview in mind as well. Not only can I think with my theology and worldview in mind this training also helps me understand the mind of those around me.
While in college I have improved my writing skills. However, these skills...

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