Personal Writing: The Evaluation Of My Coaches

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Personal Writing: The Evaluation of My Coaches

     Throughout my high school basketball career I experienced several
different coaches. Every new coach brought a different approach to coaching.
The varying techniques of coaching brought about different attitudes and
expectations during practices and games. I found that during practice, coaches
had either the nice-guy or the drill sergeant approach. They also had different
methods of coaching during and after the games.
     Practices are very important to basketball. If you practice hard and
take it seriously, your team can become successful. All of my coaches in high
school took practices seriously. I basically had two different types of coaches
when it came to practice. There was the drill sergeant type, which had the team
line up in the same place every day to do our calisthenics before each practice.
The team captain stood facing the rest of the team and lead us in various
stretches and other warm-ups. The coach was very strict. No horse play or
unnecessary talking or anything else we knew would make the coach mad. Coach
would have us do drills having to do with the plays we ran during the game. If
we made a mistake coach would stop us and make an example of whoever messed up.
He would say, "Did everyone see what Bryan just did? That is what you should
not do." He would then gripe a little and after that we would continue our
practice. I feel that this method of coaching during practice made my teammates
and I closer as a team during the game, but we always dreaded practice. I
prefer the nice-guy coaching method during practice. This makes practice more
fun. The coach is serious about making our team better, but he realizes that
people are not perfect. During calisthenics he would talk to us about our day
at school and tell us dirty jokes, and just try to be our friend. While we were
practicing he pointed out our mistakes, but when we did something good he
praised us. This made practice fun and everyone was more at ease during
     All of my coaches gave a pre-game and half time pep talk. One of the
coaches I had would tell us how the other team played, who we needed to keep
from shooting, and...

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