Personalisation Within Adult Social Work Mental Health, Friend Or Foe?

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In this essay, I would like to explore a limited number of key concepts within Adult Social Work, pertaining to Mental Health Services and their users. Unfortunately, due to the certain word count restrictions imposed, and the complexity of the subject, I have decided to critically analyse a complex and divisive policy within mental health social work. I am predominantly concerned with the impact the personalised care approach has on those involved with the social work. I am going to discuss the theory surrounding it, the circumstances in which it was received and comprehended by the professionals and lay people alike in order to facilitate a better understanding of the subject at hand. Having an understanding of the process of application, the carers and service users’ perception as well as the challenges this concept has brought within the Social care system opens the mind to questioning the base value supporting Personalisation.
It is important to remember that the idea of personalisation is not revolutionary, it has always been in the minds of idealists as an aspiration. I would like to propose the idea of dynamicity of the views and attitudes towards the social care, greatly dependable on the economic status (funding), culture, and awareness leading to a greater understanding of the issues many people are struggling with throughout their lives, i.e. Disability, mental health problems, abuse, and homelessness. The historical care approach applied in mental health used to be paternalistically authoritarian, and heavily based on a medical approach regarding illness and treatments. For instance, in the 1948, following the introduction of the welfare state, which became the starting point of the journey towards personalisation, was highly paternalistic, it was believed that the state knew better than the people themselves what they need. The attempt to form a more wholesome relationships, and inclusion within the society was pioneered by the Community Care Act of 1990.DH (1990) This act is very important because it shifted the view from the incarcerated and institutionalised patient, to the service user centred care within the community aiming at adaptation and inclusion within the society with the aim at preserving the independence, access to support and empower. On the other hand, it is important to note that the shift in care from institutions to the community had an immense impact on the society’s expectations of the local authorities thus raising a number of concerns. These were surrounding the fears and apprehensions regarding the freedom and the independence of such people who were considered dangerous because were suffering from a mental health problem. Gardner (2011) Further down the line the National Health Service and Community Care Act 1990 was initiated based on values such as empowerment and dignity. Followed by the introduction of an important piece of legislature, which introduced the idea of direct-payments and it is known...

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