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Personality Analysis Paper

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This trait describes what kind of preference an individual has towards certain social situations and how they react to these situations. This includes the person’s energy, enthusiasm, and social traits that they possess. I received a 25 on this part of the test, which is the mid-range to low score for this trait. This rating states that I am average for the trait and that I have a balanced life between extraversion and introversion. I do not believe that this was an accurate report as I am generally a very quiet person and I rarely interact with the general masses and even among small groups of friends. While I can talk to large groups and am able to make friends relatively easily and quickly, I prefer to be alone reading, studying, or watching TV. So as far as this result is concerned, I do not believe it is that accurate since introversion is more my strong suit than extraversion. ...view middle of the document...

This score is pretty accurate in personal terms and I agree with the result.
This characteristic depicts a person’s organization and persistence skills especially when they are trying to finish a project or achieve their goals. I scored the highest in this trait, a 37, which states that I am a well-organized and methodical individual. This is a fairly accurate description as I tend to follow through on projects or work that I started. I also do not like seeing something unfinished as it frustrates me quite a bit. However, I am also harder to motivate and sometimes forget to do things or wait to start on a project. Once I have started a task though, I am careful to see it to the end and that’s why this is a pretty accurate rating.
This attribute is the most interesting of the five as it relates the most closely to my personality. I scored an 18, which is really low, describing me as less emotional, less prone to anxiety, and secure in who I am as a person. This is extremely accurate in terms of personality as I have little to no emotions and rarely get stressed. While I do experience some emotion and worry about the future, I don’t let these feelings overwhelm or override how I function. I completely agree with this rating and am fairly surprised I didn’t get an even lower rating.
Openness to Experience
A trait such as this one depicts how a person thinks and interest in things such as culture, society, and music. With a rating of 29, this rating is by far the one I disagree with the most overall as it states that I am balanced with my interests in logic and art. My mind is devoted to science and logical thinking, so to receive a rating such as this one, I know it is pretty inaccurate. I generally tend to dislike art, politics, or any other major aspect of society and would rather read a book on Anthropology than attend a concert or art gallery. I also tend to look down on theater or music programs as I don’t believe that they have practical implications. Science, logic, and math are dominant while cultural activities tend to be absent in my life. This rating is very inaccurate and I do not believe that it is credible.

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