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Personality And Marketing Essay

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Personality and Marketing
Rickey McIlrath
Colorado Technical University

Personality and Marketing
Brand Attributes and Personality that Match with the Target Market
It is important for a brands personality to match up with that of its intended target customers. Reading through some marketing sites Dr. Brian Monger situated his words in a way that I like best for the task of creating a brand image. Dr. Monger stated “ The task of creating a brand image often needs to move beyond attributes or feelings, to include the ultimate consequences of product use and the relationship of product use to people’s life-styles, needs, and values. A positioning strategy that focuses only on attributes or feelings can be shallow and less effective than one that is based on a richer knowledge of the customer.” Simply put make your brand relate to the intended buyer on a personal level, one that hits home with the things that they want and like to do. The understanding needs to ...view middle of the document...

This makes our products attractive to our market, as our target customers like to have and drive cars that the stars would drive. We provide those products with exceeding expectation performance accomplished.
The Buying Process
With such astounding products offered we offer a unique and integrative customer buying experience. When a purchase is sparked into the mind of a consumer we offer various ways for our customers to contact and purchase our products offered. The buying process is put into action via contact by email or phone. Once the intent to purchase has been made clear, a skilled and knowledgeable service representative, will begin to help the buyer decide on products that are best suitable for their desired outcome. Once the purchase has been made we keep the customer updated regularly on the progress, as well as integrated into the process ensuring that everything is suitable to the needs, wants, and appreciation in the final outcome. The final process includes safe and effective delivery. We ensure our products reach our consumers as safely and efficiently as possible, and that customer satisfaction is achieved. Visit our site to see what all the hype is about:
Current Marketing and Future Marketing Affects
Quality, top of the line performance, and outstanding customer support and satisfaction is the current and future plan for our marketing. This plan ensures that we continue to receive the free marketing that encompasses that from word of mouth. This allows us to continue the great name and praise surrounding our products. Current success show that marketing is being accomplish efficiently and effectively with some areas of possible improvement being the social media aspect of todays’ consumers. Increased action in social media ensures the spread of product faster into the ears and minds of our desired market. Over marketing must be avoided and can be, by proper research for peak activity times of the desired market.

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