Personality And Sexual Orientation Essay

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Sexual orientation has an effect on one’s personality, even at birth.
My Initial Hypothesis
I believe that sexual orientation is not something that is learned. I believe that from the time we are born, we have imbedded in our minds our sexual preferences. I do not believe that a gay man is gay because of the choices that he has made in his life. I believe that he was born gay, but the choices and his environment have only reinforced it. Attachment is something that affects children when they are first born. When they are born they are attracted, so to speak, to their parents. They see them every day, and their parents give them what they want and when they want it (Bernstein, 2011, p.22). Most people are familiar with the Oedipus complex. Friedman and Downy (1995) believe that when young boys play with their fathers, it is usually in a rough manner. These young boys fulfill the need to be competitive with their fathers, resulting in an attraction to the father, and people like him through this Oedipus complex.
The Empirical Research
Sexual orientation is a key aspect in any person’s life. The way of life for a gay, lesbian, and all sexual minorities are drastically different than those who are heterosexual. The critical time period for sexual development is in the early stages of childhood. Although childhood is a critical period, many studies have been conducted ranging from those in their twenties and thirties (Carver, Perry, & Egan, 2004). Storms (1981) believes that the content of one’s sexual fantasies that arouses the stimuli of their erotic orientation. Storms (1981) also stated that sexual orientation is a combination of social development and sexual development that takes place during an individual’s childhood. Through Research, it is proven that gay, lesbian, and bisexual individuals experience significantly higher levels of abuse as children than heterosexual individuals (Balsam, Lehavot, Beadnell, & Circo, 2010).
Jamil, Harper,and Fernandez (2009) conducted a study on gay, lesbian, and bisexual minority teens with the purpose of correlating the relationship between sexual development and ethnic identity. “Sexual identity awareness was triggered internally, by
youth recognizing their sexual or romantic attraction to members of the same sex,” (Jamil, Harper, & Fernandez, 2009).
Golombok and Tasker (1996) researched the effect lesbian mothers have on their children’s sexuality. They took several lesbian mothers and compared their rearing techniques to those of heterosexual mothers. Several years later they conducted a follow-up study and the results were not so conclusive. Although there were slightly more children that turned out homosexual under the care of the lesbian mothers, there was no direct correlation with the heterosexual mothers. Furthermore, there was absolutely no correlation with boys being homosexual and having a homosexual mother. In Golombok and Taskers study they state that an attraction...

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