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Personality And Temperament Essay

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Introversion and extroversion are just two ways of getting energized, and any forward looking organization that values relationships and people must have this in mind. Extroverts tend to be more motivated from other people, where as introverts get their energy from within. However, introversion and extroversion operates in continuum; some are near the end and others around the middle.
God was never biased in his creation. He gave us different personalities, gifts and talents to ensure that we view one another as parts of one body, with its own unique features and roles (Ephesians 4:4).
There are four major preference pairings that make up the sixteen personality types. They include: extroversion versus introversion, senses versus intuition, thinking versus feeling and judging versus perceiving.
ENFJ-NF (ideologists) are referred to as the teachers or the givers and are people who get their motivation, energy and fulfillment from supporting and developing others. Their decisions revolve around the value systems and are people oriented.
Managers can become effective leaders when they understand the different personalities that they have to deal with as they endeavor to build strong and cohesive teams.
Employees can become tolerant and supportive when they discover their workmates source of energy. Thus providing closer social interaction to those who get motivated in that manner and providing adequate space to those who value solitude.

Section I: Slightly Expressed Extrovert (1%)
Extroversion or introversion is not a problem with two possibilities. It operates in a continuum, with some closer to the ends and a majority near the middle. People have both tendencies, but one tends to dominate the other. In this regard, Ambiversion which refers to people who are closer to the middle in the continuum (Cohen and Schmidt 1979) best describes my position.
As an extrovert, I often think as I speak, and I believe in talking about concepts not just reflecting on them. I tend to experience higher levels of happiness and positive emotions than an average person (Myers, 1992). My colleagues say I am open minded, action-oriented, and have initiative.
Section II: (iN) Moderately Expressed Intuitive
Sensing and intuition generally relates to information gathering. In life we need to make decisions, and data forms an integral part of decision making. The intuitive preference comes up with a range of possibilities from the data that is gathered. As an intuitive person, I like doing things differently and I am reasonably open to challenges. I value results, but their achievement should not compromise my value systems. I weigh possibilities, and before I make a decision I consider the implications.
Section III: Slightly expressed feeling personality (F)
There are two distinct decision criteria sets: feeling and thinking. When a decision is made based purely on logic, this is a thinking mode; when they are made based on a set...

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