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Personality And The Workplace Essay

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Personality and the WorkplaceUniversity of PhoenixPersonality and the WorkplaceConflicts at the workplace can prevent progress or create disruptions in the cohesion of the workplace. Although conflict itself is not a negative phenomenon, it must be put to productive use to improve the group. As a part-time job I work at a local grocery story in Houston. The store is preparing to introduce new produce to customers, and I think that the personalities of the workers in charge will interfere with the quality of their campaign. This paper will describe the role of personality involving the situation of the campaign, examine personality characteristics attributed to each individual at the grocery store, and explain the interpersonal relations associated with the campaign using the humanistic and trait theories.The SituationThe store is ready to launch a targeted and potentially lucrative campaign that focuses on the store's new line of organic products. The store's primary team of three decision makers is the manager, assistant manager, and the head cashier. They have been charged with rolling out the campaign. The launch of the new line of products will involve many responsibilities, including reorganization of the store's product layout, decorations, distribution of samples, addition of the new products' pricing to the register's system, and other duties. Our decision-making team was given a list of necessary but occasionally vague directives by upper management, and this list is in the care of the team's leader, the manager. He is an enthusiastic but sometimes careless young man who is excited about the campaign and thinks it will be a good chance for the rest of the team members to glimpse the complicated nature of dealing with the store's management. He has often told workers how frustrating it can be to receive direction from corporate; this project will allow them to see it for themselves. One of the other decision-makers is not very excited about the sale: the assistant manager is preoccupied with personal matters and dreads the additional work the campaign will entail. However, it isn't possible for the team to leave her completely out of preparations because she has worked there the longest and knows the stores inventory best. The lead cashier is looking forward to the project and because he will be able to tell other employees what to do and be the boss for a change. He dislikes being told what to do and relishes the idea of coming up with tasks for his coworkers and personally making sure they are completed. The team must design the campaign despite their personality differences.One of the new cashiers argue continuously with the head cashier because she return late from her breaks and she do not introduce or inform customers of the new organic produce. The cashiers are supposed to distribute samples of the produce to customers if they are not checking out customers. The new cashier is...

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