Personality Change Due To Accidents Essay

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There had been a lot of case studies and stories regarding people who suffered personality changes caused by different sorts of accidents. It was not just about the physical problems that happens when a brain injury is present, personality change also comes whenever a part of the brain is injured, typically, whenever the frontal lobe is damaged or injured, it may result to some changes. Personality Change does vary; one may experience different changes from the other victim. Personality Change is also cause by different events, it may be by accident, surgery, natural occurrence or something else. One of these story is the story of Mac Fedge.
A devastating car accident occurred to Mac Fedge at the age of thirty-one. He was struck by an SUV while driving in September 2001. Recalling this event seemed like watching an old reel for him, he couldn’t recognize himself after the accident. He suffered multiple broken bones and a traumatic brain injury that altered his personality, it was said that the difference between his personality before and after the said accident was much noticeable. “I used to have so much good humor and I used to be a leader. But now, after brain injury, I’m more inclined to just watch,” Mac Fedge informed the media regarding the situation. He also informed the people how he easily result to aggression, specifically, whenever he’s tired, which was said to be very troublesome, not only for him, but for his family too. Mac Fedge showed a lot of signs indicating personality change and it was clear that he showcased aggression which was a result from the change. (Bill Briggs, NBC News, 2013)
Another scenario was when a college professor named Alan Cromer experienced a massive heart attack on board an airplane in 1998. As stated by his wife, Janet Cromer, “Emotionally, he would go from zero to 60 – get frustrated by something he recognized he couldn’t do, like putting on his clothes in the right order. He would be...

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