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Personality Comparison And Contrast (Bush/Hitler) Essay

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In this paper the students are required to choose two well known characters (i.e. the coyote and the roadrunner, Lucy and Ricky Ricardo). Once the characters are chosen, the students are asked to compare and contrast these individuals' personalities. The individuals chosen for this paper is President George W. Bush and German Dictator Adolf Hitler.Personality ComparisonWhen comparing George W. Bush and Adolf Hitler, one is distinctly able to see that there are several similarities. These similarities pertain to how both characteristically disregard the advice of their military leaders, and other world leaders. They also have gone as far as ignoring the teachings or advice of the clergy. Bush seems to believe that following in Hitler's footsteps, in regards to these tactics will not fail him as they failed Hitler.In many regards, individuals around the world and even here in the United States consider Bush a war fanatic specifically in regards to the Iraq war. Bush, like Hitler has continuously ignored the advice of some of his top military minds. Many of Bush's and Hitler's, top military minds are opposed to their fanaticism, but have been unable to be very vocal about their opposition due to the fear of repercussions. To be precise, there have been rumors that Rumsfeld, on the orders of Bush has threatened to fire member of the Joint Chief's of Staff for "not supporting the war against Iraq" (Madsen, 2003).Bush, like Hitler is a ". . .master of propaganda" (Madsen, 2003). To be precise, under the orders of Bush, the White House Office of Global Communication has persuaded nine European leaders to place ads in numerous European papers in support of the Bush Administration. According to the former Justice Minister of Germany Herta Daeubler-Gmelin, "Bush is liberally borrowing from Hitler's play book. Bush wanted a war with Iraq to divert attention from domestic problems" (cited in Madsen, 2003).Bush and Hitler also share commonalities when it comes to ignoring other world leaders such as; former South African President Nelson Mandela, the former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, and even our own former President Jimmy Carter. Bush's ridicule of the "United...

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