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Personality Conceptions And Personality Analysis Of Devi From "Serving Crazy With Curry"

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Psychodynamic:Sigmund Freud based his theory of psychodynamics with observations of his family, patients and himself. Freud's psychodynamic theory states that personality emerges during childhood during the psychosexual stages of development.The five stages of psychosexual development are the oral stage, the anal stage, the phallic stage, the latency stage, and the genital stage. In each stage of development, the child gains sensual pleasure from a particular part of their bodies and if a child's needs in a particular stage are met too much not met enough, the child can become fixated. Fixation is an inability to progress normally from one stage into another. When the child becomes an adult, the fixation shows up as a tendency to focus on the needs that were over-met or under-met.Psychosexual Stages of Development:Age Stage Area of pleasure Result of fixationBirth to Two Oral stage The mouth Over-met: dependency, gullibility, passivity, the need for a lot of attention.Under-met: sarcasm, verbal aggression, cynicismTwo-Three Anal stage The anus Over-met: (Anal-expulsive) untidy, destructive, disorderliness and cruelty.Under-met: (Anal-retentive) excessively clean, orderly, organised, stubborn and stingyThree - Five Phallic stage The genitals Guilt or anxiety about sexFive - Puberty Latency Stage Sexuality is hidden No fixationsPuberty Genital stage The genitals No fixationsHumanistic:In the humanistic view, people are responsible for their lives and actions and have the freedom and will to change their attitudes.Abraham Maslow argues that personality is determined by a hierarchy of physiological, security, love and esteem needs to be achieved in order for the individual to reach self-actualisation. Self-actualisation is about realising your full potential and about being the best person you can be.The highest rung on Abraham Maslow's ladder of human motives is the need for self-actualization. Maslow said that human beings strive for self-actualization, or realization of their full potential, once they have satisfied their more basic needs.The common characteristics self-actualizing people share are:- Awareness and acceptance of themselves- Openness and spontaneity- The ability to enjoy work and see work as a mission to fulfil- The ability to develop close friendships without being overly dependent on other people- A good sense of humour- The tendency to have peak experiences that are spiritually or emotionally satisfyingAccording to Maslow, the lower levels of the hierarchy of needs must be satisfied before the individual can achieve self-actualisation. The lower four levels of the hierarchy are called the deficiency needs (D-needs) which is there to make up for a deficiency or to relieve a type of tension experienced...

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