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Personality: Genetically Inherited Or Developed Essay

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The foremost differentiation between human beings lies within an individual’s personality. A person’s personality lies in the individual’s general profile or within the unique mixture of psychological qualities of character that relates to that individuals distinctive nature. The individual’s distinctive mixture of psychological aspect guides the way in which that specific human being reacts and interacts with the others or their surroundings. One's character contains a set of mental distinctiveness that mimics the way in which a person feels, thinks, and act. Various specialists have asked themselves which is the major aspect that establishes personality: is personality genetically inherited or developed progressively through experience? I’m sure that many of us have frequently heard comments such as: “He acts that way because that’s the way he was brought up!” or “He acts exactly like his father!” That’s when the debate appears: which is most imperative when formulating your personality - human nature or education? Does an individual’s personality depend on the environment in which someone leads their life or the heredity through genetic inheritance?

Personality: Genetically Inherited or Developed
As indicated by psychologists, the most rational answer of all to which is most imperative when developing your personality is neither one, nor the other, but the combination of the two factors- the experience/educational/environmental factor and the genetic factor. Consequently, heredity sets up the limits of one's personality traits that can be developed, while the environment-signified by the situational, cultural, and social factors - persuade the actual development within the limits. Cultural factors are connected to the cultural ideals earned by someone in the course of their life, particularly throughout the phase when the individual’s personality is shaped. These cultural ideals have a large influence upon a person's behavior.
We can trace a small part of human natural selection and the evolution of the species, but the greater part of human behavior must be traced to the contingencies of reinforcement, especially to the very complex social contingencies we call cultures. Only when we take those histories into account can we explain why people behave the way they do. Skinner, 1989.
Example, an individual that likes reading or another type of art will act more delightfully to it than a person that does not exhibit any fascination in culture. Clearly, the latter will be further uncaring and will have a more intense conduct than the former.
Social factors are characterized by religion, family and the group of individuals that person has made part of during the years. Situational factors give emphasis to or devalue certain parts of a person’s personality. Example, someone that has experienced one letdown after another on a project would not want to be involved in any more projects - at least for a period of time -...

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