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Personality In Regards To Left Brain Or Right Brain Dominance

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Organization is individual. Some prefer a list of tasks while others prefer to look at the end result. These types of organization are often seen as a result of left- or right-brain dominance. Many believe that traits such as organization, personality, behavior, and educational success can be accredited to left- or right-brain dominance. The brain does have two hemispheres, a left and a right and both are more involved in certain tasks than the other. However, there is no scientific evidence to support a correlation between left- or right-brain dominance and personality.
A person is often referred to as right- or left-brained based on the way they approach problems and the way they respond to situation. Many who associate with being left- or right-brained use it as a way to be more organized and more productive. To understand the assignment of being a left- or right-brained thinker it is important to understand what each entails. The left-brained thinker thinks in words. They are considered the analytical and many consider them to be more straightforward than their right-brained counterparts. When they organize they have a system that is organized, linear, and repeatable. They organize based on clear relationships between objects. Everything has a designated spot and it should be easy for an outsider to understand the system. They can be looked at as picky or obsessed with systems. Some view them as set in their ways and close minded but to the left-brained thinker it is simply a system. (Schwartz 2013)
If we look at the process of working on a task, those with left-brain personality are more likely to process information in a linear way. They identifying important details in a project, analyzing steps of the project, and once they have identified them they move in a sequence and approaching issues with logic. Those who are left-brained are often mathematicians, scientists, and accountants. They are described as being better at language, logic, critical thinking, numbers, and reasoning. (Prescott)
The right-brained thinker is visually oriented. They are considered the creative types and many consider them to be more open and caring then their left-brained counterparts. When they organize they have a system that works for them. To an outsider, especially a left-brained thinker, the organization system does not make sense. It is chaotic and unorganized. However, to the right-brained thinker the system makes sense. The locations of items can be based on loose connections in memory or in habit. (Schwartz 2013)
Looking again at the process of working on a task, someone who is right-brained is more likely to look at the whole picture rather then moving step by step. While a left-brained person looks for important details in a project a right-brained thinker will see the end results clearly. Rather than analyzing information, they will see the creative applications of the information at hand. Instead of moving from...

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