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Personality In The Workplace Essay

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The Benefits of Internship and Supervision:
“A disciple is not above his teacher, nor a servant above his master. It is enough for the disciple to be like his teacher, and the servant like his master.” Matthew 10:24-25 (English Standard Version Holy Bible, 2001)
It is unfortunate to recognize that one of the problems in society today it is not only the lack of professionalism and confidentiality that exists, but it is also the lack of confidence that we can have for those who are looking for help, and those who in somehow are immersed in professions in which they have a daily and direct contact with people they must understand that this not only just to offer another service, but they need ...view middle of the document...

The Professionalism and Confidentiality has impacted much the place of internship, since the professional relationship it need to be shown specifically to very important figures, domestic and international organizations, and it has to be in such way that each of them need to feel comfortable with the people who are assisting them when they come as visitors, and use our company for their business.
But the most interesting aspect about the confidentiality issues is which was discussed by Dr. Gadomski when she says that: “You need to maintain confidentiality at all times.” (Gadomski, 2014) Confidentiality has also been of great importance to maintain the relationship with the different types of people, from different walks of life, and having confidentiality often leads to not give it any kind of information, and not only about them, but also about the people and places they visit, as this has to be extremely private from the public eye.
Now in reference to the internship supervision, in any way nobody can take aside the important role that the supervisor plays in the internship place, “Supervisors play an important role in how subordinates cope with strain and problems on the job, as well as being a source of strain and problems.” (Gro Ellen Mathisen,Ståle Einarsen,Reidar Mykletun, 2011, p. 639) This person will have the responsibility alongside with the intern, to analyze and provide the necessary help in how to do their internship the best way possible, and they will be paving the way for those who in the future will make another internship at the same place.
It is interesting to note that those who in some way aspire to be professionals they need to learn to be supervised, due to the fact that in the future they will not only understand the value it brings a correct supervision, but also they will mold to those subsequent generations of future supervisors, “…supervisors’ personality attributes may be conceptualized as latent factors that trigger negative behavior when associated with perceived specific situational stressors.” (Gro Ellen Mathisen,Ståle Einarsen,Reidar Mykletun, 2011, p. 641)
When the professional in the counseling learning to be taught and supervised, not only they will have a better understanding of what is regarding about the delicate profession of counseling, but also any type of supervision will help them to cope in a better way, the nature of situations that they may encounter in their future workplace. If counselors never learn to be supervised, they will never learn the importance to give nor receive a consultation.
However, something that the professional needs to learn and always keep it in mind, is about the reality in learning from the mistakes that others have committed to the counseling profession, and not to do the same; as this certainly would be disastrous not only for those which they are helping, but also for the professional.
For the Christian professional in the counseling field, they should pay a much...

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