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In this paper, I will be discussing the ideas of four world-renowned psychologists and giving my own personal examples of each theory. I will be talking about Carl Jung's ideas of introversion and extroversion; Carl Roger's belief that people can choose whether or not they want to develop their own identity rather than let themselves be shaped by the demands and expectations of others; Sigmund Freud's idea of the id, the ego and the superego; and Erik Erikson's eight stages of personality development Carl Jung (1875-1961) believed that our personalities include two major attitudes: extroversion and introversion. He believed that introverted people respond mainly to internally oriented stimuli, such as their own ideas and inner thoughts, while extroverted people respond mainly to external stimuli, such as social situations and ideas from other people. Introverted people typically let their feelings be hurt easily, daydream regularly, blush frequently, worry a great deal, think a lot about what others think of them, and do not feel comfortable in social occasions. Extroverted people typically do not let their feelings be hurt easily, rarely daydream, make friends with ease, enjoy being center of attention, do not worry a great deal, do not think about what others think of them, and laugh a lot. I'm neither completely introverted, nor extroverted. Though everyone usually leans more one way, so I'd say I'm more extroverted, and I have been that way since I was little. Since I was four years old, I've always danced, sang and played piano for audiences. Sometimes I would be in a group and sometimes I would be solo. So I developed a liking to the stage at an early age and have never had stage fright. I was on a float for the Klondike Days parade for three years in a row and I performed in a Stage Polaris play. Also, when I was seven years old, I performed a song in front of hundreds of people at Klondike Days. It was called "You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile". I can remember that day so well. I hopped up on that stage without a moment of hesitation, and bowed graciously when my number was done. I didn't worry what others would think about me, I loved the feeling of everyone's attention focused on me and the thought of messing up never crossed my mind. Another example is at my grade nine graduation two friends and I sang the grad song for our class, while our other friend accompanied us with the piano. I must admit, I was much more nervous than I was on that summer day back in 1991. I think it's because we worry more about what others think when you're fourteen as compared to when you're seven. An example of when I was quite introverted though was when I began my work experience at Gordon Price Music. I was extremely intimidated by the staff and I was so afraid of making mistakes, as I didn't want to draw attention to myself. I was shy and very soft-spoken. I also spent a lot of time thinking while I did the tasks my manager had me do. I think...

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