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Personality Test Essay

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IPIP-NEO Narrative ReportNOTE: The report sent to your computer screen upon the completion of the IPIP-NEO is only a temporary web page. When you exit your web browser you will not be able to return to this URL to re-access your report. No copies of the report are sent to anyone. IF YOU WANT A PERMANENT COPY OF THE REPORT, YOU MUST SAVE THE WEB PAGE TO YOUR HARD DRIVE OR A DISKETTE, AND/OR PRINT THE REPORT WHILE YOU ARE STILL VIEWING IT IN YOUR WEB BROWSER. If you choose to save your report, naming it with an .htm extension (example: Myreport.htm) as you save it may help you to read it into a web browser later. If you choose to print the report, selecting landscape orientation for your paper will display the graphs properly. Using portrait orientation (normally the default for printers) will cause the graphs to wrap around and render them unreadable.This report compares Sarith from the country India to other men between 21 and 40 years of age. (The name used in this report is either a nickname chosen by the person taking the test, or, if a valid nickname was not chosen, a random nickname generated by the program.)This report estimates the individual's level on each of the five broad personality domains of the Five-Factor Model. The description of each one of the five broad domains is followed by a more detailed description of personality according to the six subdomains that comprise each domain.A note on terminology. Personality traits describe, relative to other people, the frequency or intensity of a person's feelings, thoughts, or behaviors. Possession of a trait is therefore a matter of degree. We might describe two individuals as extraverts, but still see one as more extraverted than the other. This report uses expressions such as "extravert" or "high in extraversion" to describe someone who is likely to be seen by others as relatively extraverted. The computer program that generates this report classifies you as low, average, or high in a trait according to whether your score is approximately in the lowest 30%, middle 40%, or highest 30% of scores obtained by people of your sex and roughly your age. Your numerical scores are reported and graphed as percentile estimates. For example, a score of "60" means that your level on that trait is estimated to be higher than 60% of persons of your sex and age.Please keep in mind that "low," "average," and "high" scores on a personality test are neither absolutely good nor bad. A particular level on any trait will probably be neutral or irrelevant for a great many activites, be helpful for accomplishing some things, and detrimental for accomplishing other things. As with any personality inventory, scores and descriptions can only approximate an individual's actual personality. High and low score descriptions are usually accurate, but average scores close to the low or high boundaries might misclassify you as only average. On each set of six subdomain scales it is somewhat uncommon but certainly...

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1036 words - 4 pages After doing the personality tests in tutorial 2, I would like to reflect something about my own personality. Also, I have some opinion about the trait theory and the behavioral perspectives of personality theories.To start with, I would like to summarize my own personality based on the NEO-FFI personality test. According to Weiten (1995) and the results that I have obtained above, I am rather calm, relaxed and have less negative emotionality

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1189 words - 5 pages Individual Reflection – Big Five Personality Test After taking the Big Five Personality Test I’ve concluded that it is a fairly accurate assessment of my personality. 1) On Openness to Experience/Intellect I ranked at the 53 percentile, with the description that I don’t typically seek out new experiences. I would agree with this assessment. While I am somewhat creative, I am no artist. It takes me more time to do something creative than

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1407 words - 6 pages males, and females, and it shows that gender impact a number of aspects in the lives of people. Age also has an impact on these aspects, and there are notable variations as a person ages (Crane et al., 2006). International personality item pool test is a tool that is used in psychology to assess various aspects of an individual. It was created in the year 1999 by Goldberg, and the aspects that it assesses are emotional stability, agreeableness

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786 words - 3 pages After looking into the results of my personality tests, I found out many things that I did not know about myself, which would affect my future career choices greatly: I found out that I was even tempered, which would be a two sided blade for me in the future. I found out that I am very adaptable, which will aide me when tough changes occur; I found that I am confident enough to step up to any challenges yet I dislike pressures and deadlines; And

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2179 words - 9 pages . Test Description The Mini-IPIP (Donnellan et al., 2006) is a 20-item assessment used to measure levels of the Big Five Personality Factors. In the longer IPIP-FFM, there are ten items for each factor. The Mini-IPIP gleaned four items to represent each factor. It tests Extroversion (i.e. Am the life of the party), Agreeableness (i.e. Sympathize with others’ feelings), Conscientiousness (i.e. Get chores done right away), Neuroticism (i.e. Have

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1051 words - 5 pages Personality Inventory test helped me defined my working style, personality style, and how I communicate and interact with my fellow peers. The next test was the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA) Inventory. This test was about what subject fixed you best for the things that you like to do. The last test was called Public Report of Communication Apprehension (PRCA-24). This test was to observe you feelings about communication with other people

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890 words - 4 pages , intuition, feeling, and thinking. One of these four functions is dominant most of the time. The original developers of the personality inventory were Katharine Briggs and her daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers; these two, having studied extensively the work of Jung, turned their interest of human behavior into a devotion of turning the theory of psychological types to practical use WHAT IS A TEMPERAMENT? Temperament is a configuration of observable

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595 words - 3 pages Personality ExperimentHermann Rorschach, a psychologist developed the ink blot test in the early twentieth century and his mental tests are still used today. These tests are usually widely used by psychologists around the world. They are used to examine the mind and determine their mental state or to verify which type of learner they are. The test could also be used to confirm if a particular person is typical or abnormal. The Rorschach ink blot

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2064 words - 8 pages PSY11 Assignment 2 Introduction to Psychology 1A Maria Cahill ID 11367156 How standardisation, reliability and validity play a role in determining whether a test is a good measure of personality.AbstractPersonality tests are used extensively by psychologists to determine traits, behaviours and characteristics of subjects. There are many tests available however only the Rorschach, Inkblot Test, the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality

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841 words - 3 pages was reading really described me. The same can be said after reading the test results of my personality after taking the Jungain Typology Test. I found that my test results yielded my personality to be that of the Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging (INTJ) type. Roughly broken down my personality was 22% Introverted, 50% Intuitive, 12% Thinking, and 1% Judging. Meaning that I was slightly expressed in all areas except for that of the

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586 words - 2 pages personality test we rated the best colors that suit us and used some mathematical skills by adding up scores to determine our primary, secondary, third and last color. This test helped us to realize the color that best described certain characteristics like our abilities, thereby increasing our personal wellness.The second is the Validation essay. This essay required us to validate whether our true color best described our behavior. The essay also

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684 words - 3 pages My initial reaction to the personality test we took was surprising, I was surprised to see how much I had not changed since the last time I took the test. I took the same test last year, I took it in Future Focus the second trimester. Although it was only a year ago, many things can change in a year and the results could’ve changed from last year to this year. They didn’t so that’s good, well at least for me, its nice to know I'm consistent

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528 words - 2 pages Abbi CooneyBuboltzPsych 321May 20, 2014Personality Test AssessmentThe test does have some severe inherent problems. It's been found that 50% of test takers who retake it score differently the second time. This is because nobody is strictly an E or an I, for example, but somewhere in between. Many people are right on the border for some of the four dichotomies, and depending on their mood that day or other factors, may answer enough questions

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1273 words - 5 pages can’t keep the workers motivated the productivity of the company will suffer. Personality tests are normally given when an applicant first applies for a position. The results of these tests determine whether or not the applicant makes it to the next step of the selection process. The most common personality test used tests the applicant on “the big five” personality traits. These traits consist of openness, conscientiousness, extraversion