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Personality Traits And Leadership Styles Of Great Leaders

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Personality Traits and Leadership Styles of Great Leaders

Leadership Styles of Great Leaders:
Peter Drucker said, “Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to high sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitation” (Kruse, 2012).
Participative Leadership Style and Donald Trump:
“Using participative leadership, entrepreneurs will ask for input and advice from all team members involved in the startup. This type of leadership makes every team members’ opinion an important one and employees quickly become part of the decision-making process. This kind of leadership style makes everyone involved in the startup feels appreciate and highly motivated” (Way, 2012). Participative leaders involve other people in the decision making process. This approach is considered leading by consulting, and empowering (Hulman).
An example of a participative leader is Donald Trump of Trump Organization. With all the hype on Trump’s recent series of “The Apprentice”, it would seem his personality would not match that of a participative leader; however, “although it may come as a surprise to most of America, Donald Trump’s long time employees describe him as a strong yet merciful leader” (2005). Trump has worked hard and can be seen using participative leadership even on “The Apprentice”. He uses his personnel to offer input on the show and in life (2005).
Situational Leadership Style and Dwight Eisenhower:
“This type of leader adapts to situations, abilities of teams and his own capabilities with ease. It’s all about situational adjustment and adaptation” (Way, 2012). Situational Leaders are able to adapt very well when situations arise. These types of leaders work on external relationships, acquisition of resources, managing structures and culture of a group, and the demands of a group (Hulman). Leaders who are situational will often use a variety of leadership styles, depending on the situation (Kippenberger, 2002, p. 18).
Dwight Eisenhower is an example of a situational leader. He first worked as a leader during the war. He was the Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe. He then became President of the United States in 1953. Eisenhower had to understand that what worked for him during the war, would not be helpful in his new civilian leadership role. This new role needed to be handled charismatically, rather than autocratically. Different behaviors and styles would be needed upon different situations (Kippenberger, 2002, p. 18).
Transformational Leadership Style and Martin Luther King Jr.: “Transformational leaders are those who, no matter how busy they may get, continue to inspire teams and influence subordinates to improve and/or change” (Way, 2012). This type of leader leads by motivating their team members or followers. They have a strong moral obligation to motivate others to fulfill tasks. Working for a transformational leader can be uplifting...

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