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Personalized Nutrition And Exercise Plan Essay

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Proper nutrition and exercise is the key to maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle. A problem that I am suffering from is obesity, and it has been an issue with my family for generations. By following an eating plan designed specifically for me, I will be capable of progressing toward a healthier weight, and hopefully live a longer life. Also included in my personalized eating and exercise plan, is taking steps to stop smoking which will assist me with meeting my goals of losing weight and improving my health.
Some health problems associated with obesity are heart disease, stroke, respiratory problems, diabetes, and an increased risk of developing certain types of cancer (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2012). Therefore, my eating and exercise plan will focus on moving toward a healthier weight and maintain a healthy weight once the excess weight is lost. Since I have a good understanding of how to understand nutritional labels, meeting my weight loss goals will be easier. One problem that I have had is eating much more than the suggested serving size for foods. I will only be eating the recommended serving size now, which will contribute to helping me meet my nutritional goals.
My nutritional plan does not include any fad diets; it simply includes eating according to the food pyramid, and my personalized eating plan that was designed with the help of previous assignments. My eating plan includes eight ounces of grains, three cups of vegetables, two cups of fruit, and six and a half ounces of protein daily. This eating plan is designed to help me move toward a healthier body weight. Without the knowledge that I have learned about nutritional science, I would not be able to develop such an effective nutritional plan. For example, most people understand that eating too many fats is unhealthy. However, one must understand that some fats can be beneficial, so it is more important to watch which fats you consume rather than cutting out fats completely. According to Ward (2012), saturated fats and Trans fats are unhealthy and contribute to health problems, and unsaturated fats contribute to good health. Therefore, when consuming fats, it is critical to monitor what types of fats are consumed, rather than cutting out all fats.
Along with following my customized eating plan, my goals include cutting down on saturated and Trans fats, consuming 2,000 or fewer calories per day, eating less empty-calorie foods, and consuming less sugar. I will be analyzing my eating plan to see if I will still need to continue taking multi-vitamins, and making any modification to my eating plan based on age and changes in my health. For example, if I were to discover that I was at risk of developing diabetes, I would change my eating plan to help lower my risk of developing diabetes according to the advice from my doctor.
Exercise plays a large role in working toward a healthier weight and staying fit. According to Grosvenor and Smolin (2006), exercise...

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