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Personell Adm Final Paper

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1. List and explain each of the four steps in the training process
Training can briefly be defined as any attempt to try and improve employee performance at a currently geld job or one related to it (Noe, 2007). If at all the training is expected to be effective in the organization, there are steps that need to be followed.
a. Identifying training needs- the manager should be able to identify whether a need for training actually exists in the organization. If at all an organization is going to employ its resources fully to try and improve the skills and competences of its employees, then the training should be steered towards achieving the organizations goals.
b. Establish specific objectives- the manager should be able to determine the long term objectives the training intends to achieve. The core objective of the training should be focused on trying to improve the skills of the employees, the knowledge attitude and the behavior of the employees.
c. Select appropriate methods – the method selected will depend on the training needs that had been identified and the objectives of the training. Using the wrong training methods will have no benefit in achieving the organizations goals and objectives.
d. Implement and evaluate program – after the appropriate program has been selected, the training can begin. Evaluation of the program is necessary in order to determine whether there the training program is actually suitable or not.
e. Feedback- the employee performance at the end of the training should be a good way of determining the effectiveness of the training program that had been implemented. The information collected can be kept in the organization for future use in case a training need arises in future.
2. Why is it important for managers to appraise subordinates’ performance? Give four reasons
Employees need to feel appreciated as part of the organization and this is what necessitates performance appraisal in an organization .if the managers carry out a performance appraisal; the employees can take the initiative to improve on the performance depending on the feedback from the appraisal. An organization with a good performance appraisal can in turn lead to an improved general performance of the employees (Jackson, 2011).
Secondly, the results from the appraisal can help the managers identify whether there is a need for further training and development in order to improve the employees’ performance and competence. Thirdly, the managers can use the appraisal as a way of deciding which among the subordinate staff is best fit for a promotion in case a spot opens up. The appraisal can be a way of determining the best performers in the...

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