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University of PhoenixTEC 401 Human Factors in TechnologyBSABOBHEIO TEC/401August 3, 2009Organizations need all the help they can get to keep up with the competition. There are so many steps an organizations needs to take in order to be and stay successful. This paper focuses on what it takes to build an effective technology support team. In this paper there will be a discussion on how personalities can affect the relationships within and without the technical staff.Organizations of today face environments that are disturbing. Due to this type of environment, organizations must improve in every way possible, make changes where needed, and be able to respond positively in the changes. Every member of the team must work together to do whatever it takes to have a successful outcome. (Castka, P., etal, 2001)Team QualificationsEvery team must have some rules and regulations that members go by. All members must agree on these rules and regulations. There are certain qualifications members of a team should have in order to be successful.DirectionEvery team member must be on the same page. They all must have their attention focused on a common goal. When a team member or some team members lack the same goal then this would cause a problem amongst the team and they all lose focus. (Brodie, 2008)CommitmentEach team member must be willing to do whatever they are required to do. He and/or she must be committed to the task that is set before them. Everyone can take the opportunity to encourage one another as well as themselves to be able to have the same amount of commitment each team member needs to have. Managers can use technology to keep informed on the progress of each team as well as who is committed to the task set before them. (Brodie, 2008)SkillsOrganizations not only ne team members to have the same direction and amount of commitment, they also need skilful workers. Each team member has their own level of skills. With the different forms of technology, team members should have some knowledge and or skill of the technology they will use. Wherein one member of a team lacks the skill, the other member of the team who has the ability should to step in and fill in where the other member left off. Regardless of the skill, each member must work together in order to be successful. (Brodie, 2008)Building a Successful TeamThere are several things an organization needs to do in order to have a successful team. Technology is used to assist the successful team. The qualifications listed above are a great step and start to become successful. Most jobs require working in teams. Each member must know what to do in order to be a successful team.The Right People in the Right TeamEvery team needs the right members in order to be successful. Having all members in a team with the same skills will make an unbalance team. This way wherein one member lacks the other picks up. For instance a leader does not have all the skill so where the leader lacks' this is where the...

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