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Persons Of Mean And Vile Condition

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By: Mikayla Madden 9/20/14Persons of Mean and Vile ConditionDuring the sixteen and seventeen hundreds, there was a huge unrest between socialclasses. Bacon's Rebellion is an early example of this as well as other rebellions between slavesand servants and their owners.Bacon's Rebellion occurred in 1676 and was led by a man of the name of NathanielBacon. "Bacon's Rebellion began with conflict over how to deal with the Indians, who wereclose by, on the western frontier, constantly threatening." This quote from the reading tellsthat the rebellion had a lot to do with the Indians, who at this point, did not really have a placeto call their own. Nathaniel Bacon and his followers did not think that it was right that Indianswere living on land that could have been used for the whites to live on when land was at ashortage in Jamestown. The governor, William Berkeley, was blamed by Bacon and his followersfor this because he did not want to go to war with the Indians to fight for this land. Bacon'sRebellion was, "not easily classifiable as either anti-aristocrat or anti-Indian, because it wasboth." In Bacon's eyes the Indians were the source of the problem but aristocrats like Berkeleyand his men were not doing anything to stop what was happening. In the events leading up toBacon's Rebellion, violence played a key role in many Indian vs. the white man battles. DoegIndians took a few hogs from the white men to pay for a debt. When the white men retrievedthe hogs they killed two Indians. The Doegs fought back by sending out men to kill a whiteherdsman but a white militia company killed twenty-four Indians in return. This led to manyIndian raids, so the Virginia House of Burgesses declared war on the Indians but said that theywould not harm those who cooperated. Although many wanted total war with the Indians, thepoorer class of whites did not want to have to pay for the war. An existence of an upper classthat Bacon was a part of also wanted total war and could afford it. This may be why Baconwanted...

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