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How would you feel if you were marry a person your parent choose not just to get married but used as a form of currency? Many arranged marriages from Elizabethan England were arranged for children to be married to another family of similar prestige. There are mainly two different type of arranged marriages, forced and traditional. Arranged marriages from Shakespeare's time to modern days are viewed differently from parent's, children's, and society's perspectives.
Parents from Elizabethan Era arranged marriage so their family can gain power. Parents in the modern day and form Elizabethan Era are really similar that they still look at the general quality when looking for an arranged ...view middle of the document...

Today the age we get married in developed country is women-26 and mens-29. Back then and now if it’s traditional marriage it’s would be the same way, people would just denied it and forget about it. But with forced marriage which is the still the same past and present, if you tried to denied it it could end really badly with someone dying.
Today the society view you where you are from. From a western point of view like America, from what I ask people around and from polls people don’t like the idea of arranged marriage and they often rate it rather bad, because in America we are in a free country and we don’t like be controlled by others. People from east like India or Africa where arranged marriage are more common, they are more approve of arranged marriage, in fact they even have a marriage broker that actually tries to find you a bride. From people who were in arranged marriage from what I found their relationship last longer, while having a very low divorce rate. On the other hand love marriage have a higher divorce rate. They have a common saying that love marriage only last 5 years, because you love the most in the first 5 years and then you have no feelings. On the other hand they said arrange marriage last forever, because you have to grow the relationship between each other and learn to love each other.
In today’s society, where still 60% of the world marriage are arranged, majority of them where they are in the Mid-west. In several modern countries arranged marriage are less common and often think badly, likewise in less developed country love marriage which is most common in developed countries are consider as something bad. In today’s society, parents, and their children have different...

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