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Perspective Of Education According To Great Minds

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“Manners to be Observed by Teachers and Students” is a volume of the book The Revival of Religious Learning written by Abū Ḥāmid Muhammad ibn Muhammad al-Ghazālī, best known as al-Ghazālī. On his argument, al-Ghazālī uses a focal point on eighteen duties that students and teachers should apply to school in order to improve education, ten for the students and eight for the teachers. In this passage, al-Ghazālī does not appear to use any logical nor scientific proof or evidence to support his argument, but his ethos (persuasion through the audience’s perception of the speaker). I agree with almost all of al-Ghazālī’s beliefs, but there are also some hypotheses that he states that a ...view middle of the document...

As an international student, I was one of those young adults lacking of writing skills and most important without a simple clue of how to perform an essay. To be sincere, by now, I cannot realize how I was able to pass English class, not to mention that I was not prepared to achieve subsequent and more complex courses. At first, I was incredibly grateful to the professor and I believed it was so kind of him to grant me an approbatory grade. Unfortunately, on the following semester I felt the repercussions, mainly for the reason that I was not able to write down a one page government essay, which made me obtain a D as final evaluation. An experience that eventually leads me to appreciate and take into serious consideration an advice given in class by Mrs. Vidaurri: “Writing is a skill that will always be helpful in life; it will help us in history, government, and it would be even more helpful in our future jobs.”
Speaking about advices, I found one of al-Ghazālī’s beliefs outstanding “He will show kindness and sympathy to the students and treat them as his own children.” (al-Ghazālī 28) This fragment expresses what every parent will want for their children. A person who raise them child as their own, a person how taught students moral values and ethics, a person with the all the necessary tools to fill them with the essential knowledge to succeed in life. Maybe that is the reason why in ancient Greek classrooms used to be more...

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