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Melena GillihanUniversity of PhoenixBSHS/342Joyce MinkJune 14, 2008Perspectives on Changes in AdulthoodBeing an adult is defined by Yahoo! Education (2000) as, "One who has attained maturity or legal age" (para. 1). There are different aspects that can define adulthood such as, the law, personal character, biology, or social status. These aspects can be inconsistent and contradictory. A person may be looked upon as an adult by the standards of the law and age requirements but they may not have the maturity and responsibility that define being an adult. On the contrary, a person may have the maturity and behavioral characteristics but since they are under age are still treated as a child. There are three main stages in adulthood; early, middle, and late. With every stage occurs some changes, and just as the changes in a person's childhood are important so are the changes in adulthood. This paper will discuss my own personal beliefs and perspectives on the changes in each stage of adulthood and how my views are based.Personal PhilosophyIt is hard for me to find my personal philosophy on adulthood since I am only half way through the early stages, however, I have been able to observe and research each stage throughout my life which has given me some insight on adulthood. When adulthood starts is considered to be anyone over the age of 18, but, is adulthood really about age. I consider an adult to be someone who consists of maturity and comprehension of what is in store for them. Early stages of adulthood are the time when a person can experiment on relationships, themselves, and employment. This is the time where a person figures out who they are, where they want to be, and with whom they want to share their life with.In middle adulthood you are no longer considered to young nor to old therefore you are treated with more respect then you would in your early and late stages. This stage brings the role of being in charge, whether it is with family, employment or in general. Middle adulthood also allows a person to focus on their family and preparing for their future. As you come towards the end of this stage you experience different changes including menopause, mid-life crisis, and retirement.In the late stages of adulthood you find yourself recovering from the previous two stages and focusing more on your health and preparation for death. This stage I find the hardest to be in since you will see more death of loved ones, friends, and acquaintances that affect your mental health then the other stages. With the other stages you find yourself saying that it won't happen to you since you are young, however, in your late stage you know that the time is coming to an end for you.Overall I find that adulthood starts off as fun and exciting leading into accomplishments and settling down to fearing and coming to terms with death. Each stage is necessary to go through in order to complete ones journey of life.How I perceive the changesThe changes in activities,...

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