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Perspectives Ap Us Notes And Reactions On Certain Areas Of American History

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Advertising and Mass Consumption1. Determining RelevanceThe surge of credit in America has increased in a direct relationship with the increase of advertising. Companies always want to find a way to convince the public that they need the latest product. Accordingly, they advertise through many mediums, two examples of which being radio and television. The genius of the advertising agencies also persuades the public they must have the latest right now, and here is the expansion of credit. Once the public has been won over, they need a way to pay for the new, expensive products. The common man usually works from paycheck to paycheck, so in order to purchase their goods, they use credit. They believe paying off in installments will allow them to cover the debt over time, so why not use credit, pay with ease and also get a new product? Essentially killing two birds with one stone, the companies successfully sell the new product; the people use credit to pay it off and both sides often walk away feeling satisfied. The credit industry grows as people use credit more and more often to purchase their goods.2. Identifying Central IssuesI feel that advertising and mass consumption are positives aspects of American society, but that these aspects are sometimes abused. Advertising different brands of the same product encourages competition in the marketplace, and that leads to benefits for the consumer, as different companies are competing to create the best, most efficient product at the lowest price possible. On the flip side, constant advertising can be a nuisance (e.g. telemarketing, pop-up banners) and if a significant amount of revenue is generated from advertising, keeper the sponsors happy may result in self-censorship (e.g. one cannot make disparaging remarks about a sponsor's product or focus on controversial subjects).American Music in the Jazz Age1. Determining RelevanceThe tone of the 1920s was well captured in its popular songs. The mood of the times, whether exuberant pre-Great Depression or somber after the Wall Street Crash, were well expressed in the popular melodies of the day. Opening the decade feeling of well-being was "Smiles", and later expressing the excess of the time period, "My God, How the Money Rolls In." After the events of Black Thursday, the depth of problems in America and the hopeless financial situation lodged "Brother Can You Spare a Dime?" as the most appropriate song of the period.2.Drawing ConclusionsDancing has traditionally been a symbol of youth rebellion because it has generally been viewed by older generations as disreputable and a catalyst to moral decay. Most likely this is due to the sexual element present between men and women as older generations considered the dancing provocative and indecent.Is the President Imperial?1.Demonstrating Reasoned JudgmentThe system of checks and balances is vital to keeping democracy alive in America. The Constitution of America has the separation of powers written into it, all...

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