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Perspectives On Abortion Essay

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For many years, the morality of abortion has been questioned by two perspectives: pro-choice and pro-life. While modern culture explains that abortion is a woman’s free choice if she does not want the unborn baby, the Catholic Church teaches the world that from the moment of conception there is a child with a soul within the womb, and to abort it would be to murder an innocent being.
In the year March 1970, a woman dubbed Jane Roe took federal action against Texas abortion laws. These laws prevented Roe from terminating her pregnancy because abortions were only allowed in the scenario that the fetus was harming the life of the mother (Rosenbaum 63). Because Roe wasn’t in any way harmed by ...view middle of the document...

If having an abortion appears to lead to a happy ending for everyone, including the parent or parents and the unborn baby, it is deemed morally acceptable.
With the legalization of abortion, the continuation of one’s pregnancy really becomes a choice. Many women have now been influenced to have an abortion now that the laws have changed (“AbortionFacts”). Pro-choice people claim that the woman’s choice of lifestyle is more important than a fetus’s existence (“AbortionFacts”). They are basically saying that a woman’s daily routine is more important than a baby’s life. Michael Todey suggests that because the fetus does not desire life, it has no right to life (Rosenbaum 283).
However, there are many reasons as to why an abortion in any case is not morally acceptable. Any type of society will restrict a single person’s freedom of choice whenever an individual’s life would be in danger as a result (“AbortionFacts”). With the subject of abortion at hand, there are many claims as to when an individual begins human life: contraception, when the zygote cannot fuse with another, when the fetus exhibits brainwaves, when the fetus could live apart from its mother, at birth, or when the child is self-conscious and rational (Rosenbaum 280). The names fetus and embryo are merely references to certain phases of the baby’s growth (“AbortionFacts”).
While abortion is an argument of morality, there are scientific facts and statistics against it. The cells that form together at the moment of conception end up being the human being that each person is today (Tribe 117). Whenever an abortion is done, a beating heart is stopped. There are also brainwaves that could have been measured but are no longer detectable, due to the abortion. During an abortion, any unborn baby that is eight weeks old or older experiences pain. Legal abortion deaths are more common than that of deaths during pregnancy (“AbortionFacts”).
The beliefs of the Catholic Church clearly state why abortion is by all means wrong and a sin. A verse from Exodus states, “You shall not kill” (Exodus 20:13). To terminate a pregnancy is to end the life of an innocent child, so it is a mortal...

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