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Sweat Essay

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It is easy to see why a person would find 'Sweat' an offensive story. Many who read this story will find that the style in which it is written to be degrading to the African American race. However, this assumption has little backing. Zora Hurston is clearly relaying a story that tells of her time. To say 'Sweat' is stereotypical is to deny the fact that this is the way things were at one time.For a person to acknowledge the way things were is to merely recall history. Why should a race be ashamed of their history? They would better their own values by taking this story for what it is worth. Not only does it tell of their ancestors way of life, but it shows how things have changed for the better.If one could not write stories about their experiences in the past the public would be unknowing of its culture and heritage. Hurston even used reference to Jewish people in this story. They also were slaves and were faced with over four hundred years of hardships and inequalities. It has not been known for the people of the Jewish faith to be insulted by the Bible which tells their stories. In fact, they use it as a way of life. It serves as a learning tool that proved how strong they were and how much suffering they had to endure. When they are faced with problems they relate back to stories, just as this, to find that strength once again.Mrs. Hurston, being a African American herself, should have the right to tell a story of her heritage without being persecuted. The fact that that is how African Americans spoke during that time should not be cause for embarrassment. It is just a fact of how things were. When relating a story from a certain time period, it should be...

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