Persuading Students To Use Credit Cards And Financial Aid Responsibly

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THESIS: There is a growing number of students with credit card and student loan debt at Broward College. Not all of them are conscious of the fact that their debts continue to gain interest over the years and leaves the student in a precarious financial situation if left unchecked. The students need to be informed of the methods by which they can avoid or deal with student credit card or student loan debt.
I. Students at Broward College do not even realize they are incurring a continuing debt.
A. Students at Boward College are incurring debts even before they begin working and receiving a regular paycheck.
B. Students who become aware of their student loans and credit card debt develop a fear of not being able to pay back what they owe.
II. Students in debt regularly borrow money from different sources in order to pay off their education related expenses.
A. It has become increasingly harder to afford a regular college education.
B. The cost of a semester in college is often more than the amount the parents have set aside for the student's educational needs.
III. Broward College students realize they have a problem with student debt and credit card loans which is why some of them are seeking ways of getting out of debt.
A. Some students visit the college career office in order to device a payment scheme based upon future potential income
B. The students have considered loan consolidation even at this early point in their lives.
C. Other students have considered filing for bankruptcy in order to avoid paying for their debt.
IV. Conclusion
A. Most Broward College students realize that they need to pay off their debts soon after they graduate and get regular jobs.
B. Broward College must push their students who have debts to consider Debt Consolidation at the soonest possible time.

Persuading Students to Use Credit Cards and Financial Aid Responsibly
Do Students at Broward College Realize They are Incurring Credit Card and Financial Aid Debts?
Broward University has a fast growing population of college students, all of whom seek to complete their college education based on a combination of their parent's educational fund that was set aside for them, and student loans paired with credit card charges. Although this is not the ideal method by which a student should complete his tertiary education, the harsh reality of life is that it is currently the only way a serious college student can afford to pay for classes and educational needs required to complete his requirements for graduation.
As I interviewed my classmates and dorm mates about their debts, a common factor began to emerge. Most of them did not realize that they owed money and to whom. Emily (name changed for privacy reasons), is one of those students who did not realize that all the loan applications she was filling out online and receiving checks for would need to be paid for in the future. She owes around $10,000 to various lenders and institutions...

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