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Persuasion In The Market: C.V.S/Pharmacy Store

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Persuasion has always played an intricate role, in many ways, when it comes to promotion of a Fortune 500 companies like C.V.S. corporation. With the largest pharmacy chain of over 7400 stores in United States; no wonder they are at the top five largest pharmacies in the United States based on revenue generated from prescription only. However it's not only prescription is sold in stores; there are assortment of general merchandise including food, sundries, beauty products as well as health products sold there. In one of the stores I visited for this paper, located at 39th and Main street, I noticed that the products were sold in minute quantities so as to reduce the price of the merchandise.
So what is CVS? The full name is Consumer Value Store. It was founded on Merrimack Street in Lowell, Massachusetts in 1963; by the Goldstein brothers and Mark Stephen is as well as Ralph Hoagland. So the next question becomes how they came to the level they have attained now? Well in the early 1960s’, they had only five stores in the northeastern states; however that change to 17 stores five years later. The same decade, they started operating their first stores with the pharmacy department. Even though there are a few stores without a pharmacy department as of this moment most CVS; most stores have a pharmacy and photo service. Most of the persuasion is done by the CVS are done through advertisements and incentives using the mass media. In order to be an effective in the art of persuasion, CVS Corporation has integrated different platforms and methods that have been known to be effective towards targeted customers. one of the platforms is cognitive shorthand: the idea is basically to have customers continuously shopping at CVS stores in a sort of ‘autopilot fashion’, giving them a few reasons to ‘disengage it’. The result of this idea can be seen in the total prescription revenue per year by the pharmacy department alone. Medication and health equipments play a major role in our society and with the store like CVS that sells both of them, at a relative cheap price; there is a continuous to demand, supply and sales for the store. For example, a person with health insurance and needs a prescription of pain-killers will have to worry about the cost of Co-pay at CVS. This may be different for other stores that have a pharmacy or stand-alone pharmacy. I should know because when I had my ankle sprained; I thought I was going to kick my pain-killers free because of my health plan. However I noticed that most pharmacies I went to or asking for $40 in Co-pay for my prescription CVS pharmacy however only charge me $10. This was an example of Cialdinis’Principal of persuasion; it is called contrast. Reciprocity at CVS stores can come in many forms, one of them includes free advice by a qualified pharmacist to customers for prescription; especially where when and how the medication should be taken and the side effects. During the Flu season, at some...

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