Persuasion Class Speech On Orgon Donation In Oregon; Choose A Good Cause Organization To Use Persuasion Concepts In Order To Help That Cause.

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Persuasion SpeechFirst of all I would like to thank you the board for inviting me here today, allowing me to be a part of and contributing to this cause that personally means so much to me. When I first contacted "Foundation", your organization, Executive Director (Name) informed me that the greatest need was for a campaign that was tailored toward people between the ages of 18 and 24. The focus was to be on encouraging organ donation and facilitating open communication of the donor's decision with family members. Overall the campaign was to inform them of our nation's public health crisis regarding organ donation.That's right Organ Donation is a public health crisis.According to UNOS the United Network for Organ Sharing as of this morning there are 90,350 American men, women, and children on the transplant waiting list.One person will die needlessly at the end of this hour waiting for organ donation and 10 more people are added to this list every day.There are over 250 billion people in our country.According to the Department of Health and Human ResourcesIn 2002 there were 2.5 million deaths, and 106,742 of them were due to accidents. In 2002, 6,190 donor heroes and their families made the decision to donate. When comparing these statistics less than a half percent, not even 1% of these accidental fatalities were used to save or improve the life of another human being. So when I say hero's that is exactly what I mean.Figures taken form The Oregon Donor Program website are disheartening. The Oregon population is at 3.5 million and last year only 84 donor heroes and their families chose to donate the gift of life in our state.You see the reality is it doesn't take 90,000 donors to save or improve the lives of these people. For every one organ donor has the potential to help at least 50 individuals with their "Gift of Life". You see I know this personally because two very special people to me were organ donors who died tragically and unexpectedly. Through my experiences I have gained a greater understanding of what the "Gift of Life" really means.This campaign was specifically tailored for the scholars of Southern Oregon University its alumni and community members who are a truth seeking, compassionate, and educated group of individuals. The campaign goal is to share this information utilizing an information kiosk for SOU students and alumni in the student union. The kiosk would give SOU community members the opportunity to sign up as organ donors and would offer practical useful tools to share their decision with their love ones.The two artifacts I have created specifically for this persuasion campaign are:* A green hospital bracelet will be given to each new organ donor or individuals who can show a drivers license indicating them as being an organ donor at the kiosk.- The persuasion concepts chosen for this artifact was symbolic persuasion through a non-verbal image that would also utilize Cialdinis principle of Commitment and Consistency.- The...

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