Persuasion In The Architectural Toy Lego's Bionicle Advertisement

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IntroductionCommunication is the process of creating, transmitting, receiving and interpreting messages between a source and receiver(s) (Mullin, 2006, September 28). Communication ranges from intrapersonal communication to mass communication. Intrapersonal communication is an exchange of message within a person, making the person himself both the source and the receiver. However, mass communication usually involves a speaker targeting a large amount of audience; meaning that the message being sent for the designated audience is either to inform, entertain or persuade (Inmon et al., 2002). In this paper, the persuasion element of mass communication will be discussed through the analysis of the Bionicle toy advertisement. Through the credibility of expertise as a source characteristic and the positive emotional appeal as a message characteristic, the paper will be able to discuss the effectiveness of Bionicle ad in persuading its audiences. The ineffectiveness will then be accounted for by the Elaboration Likelihood Model, and in the last part of the paper, two empirical studies will be use to support the arguments on effective and ineffective persuasion.Source Characteristic: Credibility for ExpertiseThe Bionicle is a line of toys manufactured by the Lego Group. The toys are made up of constructible parts that are based from the idea of classical elements and Polynesian methodology. There are instructions as to how to build the model but users can also construct the toy according to their own imagination and creativity. The users can load pin balls and their Bionicle characters to their models, firing to and from the fortresses they've built. The target audience of the Lego Bionicle ad is children from the age group of 7 to 16 because it not only requires building creativity with kit of parts but it also contain a common theme of heroes and villains that are children's favorite. Castles with towers, gate, shooting projectiles, and robotic characters in metallic colors are signs of masculinity. Therefore, it is even reasonable to narrow down the target audience to boys because of the masculinity of the design, appearance and environment that the toy entails. Moreover, the fact that the ad appeared on Nickelodeon, a cartoon channel further strengthens the claims.The Lego Group has been making toys ever since 1932, famous for their bricks', beams', axles' and minifigures' ability to arouse creativities of children. Lego being one of the largest toy manufacturers in the world, was making gross revenue of $1.38 billion USD in the year of 2005, and having over 7,000 employees and opening their own theme parks, Lego are considered as a reliable source of toys for consumers. However, it is not possible to conclude that a credible source is going to guarantee a positive effect on its audience, Lego cannot possibly persuade every audience who has watched the commercial to buy a Bionicle toy set, as this will be discussed at the last part of this...

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