Persuasion Speech : Tipping While Going Out

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Attention Getter: How many of you enjoy going out to eat?? Thesis: Today I am going to tell you why you should tip your server when you go out to eat.Preview: I will tell you about a server?s salary, reasons that you should not impact your decision of whether or not to tip, and proper tipping etiquette.Audience Link: I feel that this topic is important to share with you because the restaurant industry is a major source of employment for college students.Speaker Credibility Link: I have worked as a server for seven years.Body: A. Salary of a Server in Louisiana -$2.13/hr.-After taxes on the paycheck itself the check is very small.Example (poster) -Servers depend on tips to make up for what they do not make on their paychecks.-According to How Stuff, waiters pay taxes on 8 to 10% of total receipts, not actual tips they earn. This means that if you do not tip your server, he/she is actually losing money because they are paying taxes based on the amount of your meal.-In addition to small wages...servers must give a percentage of their tips to bartenders, busboys, hostesses, and back of the house employees. This is also something to take into consideration. The commonly average tip in the U.S. is 15%; Fair suggest that tipping 5% over that would minimize the impact of tipping out such employees, and thus send the server home with a fair and decent salary.-This job is the livelihood of the server. Not just students wait tables, but all sorts of people desperate for money.C. Reasons that should not influence your decision to tip: There are many different things that may affect the quality of your overall dining experience. Some things are out of your server?s control. Some examples: -Not getting steak cooked properly (it is not the servers fault if the cook screws up...cook will get his money regardless if you tip the server or not) -Restaurant being out of your...

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