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First & Last Name First & Last NameEnglish 101/Section #DateEssay #2The Committer vs. the Non-CommitterThere are many types of men in the world, and each type displays a variety of distinguishable characteristics. Women should become aware of these characteristics before considering a prospective mate. The smallest of personal details, from where and how they met (including the first date), the way he walks and talks, the clothes he wears, the career choice he's made, the vacation spots he frequents, or the automobile he drives can offer valuable, meaningful, insightful clues to whether or not a man will ever settle down with anyone. There are two main types of men in the world: the committer and the non-committer.The committer is serious about finding the right woman. He asks friends and relatives for introductions. He is usually open to blind dates and avoids the bar scene when looking for a quality woman. On the first date, he is polite and will not bring up the subject of money at the restaurant. He takes her to places where they can talk one-on-one. The non-committer is just looking for a woman. There is no room in his life for the woman. He, on the other hand, loves the bar scene. He usually finds a million excuses why he can't find the right woman and uses such excuses to explain why he is still unattached. On a date, he orders trendy food such as sushi to impress his date, and he monopolizes the conversation. He may even take her to places where there is no chance for good conversation such as a club or a party.The committer likes to share in conversation. He asks questions and actually listens to the answers. He is generally open about his past and is willing to share more personal details as time goes on. He is willing to meet her family and introduces her to his. The committer also formalizes his plans. He'll say, "Let's have dinner on Wednesday," or "I'll call you tomorrow afternoon." The non-committer, however, is usually supporting too many other extracurricular activities to be available. He does the talking while she does the listening. He usually has to work late which means he won't be able to make it for her mom's pot roast dinner invitation. When they speak to each other, he leaves her feeling like things are up in the air. While walking away, he yells things over his shoulder like, "Talk to you soon" or "I'll call."The committer maintains a very basic wardrobe. He tends to be neat, casual and conservative. He often has a closet full of khaki pants and Polo-style shirts. He wears boxers and tube socks, and his boat shoes are a must. The non-committer dresses to impress. He wears a jacket and tie more often than the committer, has fitted dress shirts, at least one silk robe, and tank tops in a rainbow of colors. He likes bikini underwear and loves his running shoes because they enable him to make a quicker getaway.The committer drives a family car. He likes Jeeps, Explorers, and Japanese-made cars...

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